1838 Maps of Kauai and Niihau

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by Samuel Kalama 1838 ~




BYU Interviews of Kupuna

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Aloha, I’ve been redoing the BYU Interviews of Kupuna because of the broken links. Now you can click on the name and be taken right to the pdf file which you can download and save. These are the first of the Kupuna that I’ve updated. Mahalo for your patience.


Complete Ancestry of John Liwai

This pdf file can be downloaded

John Liwai

Alii Mahele Indices – cont.

Alii Mahele Indices – cont.

Kulaiwi.org Learn olelo with J. Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier

Of late my children and I have been really taking advantage of olelo lessons taught by Kumu Crozier. What a treasure for us!

Mahalo Kumu Crozier! and KSBE for allowing us to view these videos and download the workbook.

The more we go through the workbook and videos the more service I can be to Kanaka Maoli in assisting them with their mookuauhau.

You can download the book –> HERE <–

While there click on the link that’ll take you to the site to download the video lessons.