I’ve read a lot of this book, mostly the genealogy part. There’s a lot of history about Kanaio, Maui and the Kauaua-a-mahi family. There’s lots of maps of Ahupua’a’s and Heiau locations as well. It also contains Royal Patents information with some testimonials as well. All in all a very good reading for those looking for genealogy information in Kanaio.

This is the best link –>> KANAIO <<– When you get to the page click on Download Full-text PDF. This one shows colored photos etc and much clearer text.

Click on Kanaio When you get to the site click on Open/View as a non-UH user.

When you open to view it will automatically download. 


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  1. Where do I find the mentioned book above “The apuhua’a a of Kanaie and A’uahi, Maui???

    • If you click on the link it should take you there. I retested it and it worked just takes a while because there are a lot of pages. Mahalo for your comment.

  2. Thank you, I have a few questions could you please contact me via email? I was just curious who the owner of this site is and who provided the link to Ahupua’a of Kanaio and A’uahi, Maui

  3. This is interesting. When I was young, my grandfather, Charles Aikala, used to say that we had land in Kanaio, but the reasons to why he didn’t occupy the area wasn’t really clear. We are direct descendant of Kauaua.

    When I went back and visited my island home of Maui, I met up with my brothers to find that we have a letter from King Kamehameha himself who proclaimed that land in Kanaio was given to the Kauaua ‘ohana. I now have to pick and choose a portion of this land. I’m still in awe… but to tell you the truth, I would give up all those acres just to have my grandfather back. He was truly a living treasure…. a hui hou e ku’u papa… me ke aloha pau’ole…

    • Aloha, Wow that is awesome. Copies are good and tuck it away. I’m so happy that a Kanaka family doesn’t have to go to court to fight for what is rightfully theirs already…Mahalo for sharing this!

      • I’m not exactly sure how the results turned out in our favor, but I know that my uncle did a lot of years of research. Aloha… 🙂

      • Kauaua Reunion on Ohau
        Waimanalo – Teen Center 9/18, Come!

    • aloha….i am also a direct desendent of the Kauaua Ohana Nation… line comes through “Keli’ionahuawai Kauaua and Kauaiokalani Kanae……i just finished our Mo’okuauhau (genealogy) and my great grand fathers lands in the probates lead me to the “Hui Lands of Kanaio”…..and this page popped up… ohana nation is in contact with the kauauau ohana nation of oahu…..i am from the Village of Moku’ula, La Haina and would like to meet up with the ohana nation of our Kauauau Ohana on Maui Nui…..mauruuru….da princess

    • Aloha, This is a 5 year late response but I just came over this post during some research. If you are an Aikala I have some information about your ohana in Kanaio. I am also a descendant of Kauaua and lived in Kanaio my entire life until college. My ohana still lives in Kanaio on the family land. If you get this post, Zandra, please email me back at O ka ike i loaa, he ike pili ohana, aole paha kupono ka waiho ana i mua o ka lehulehu.

      Me ke aloha,


  4. need plans for September reunion please
    date, time, place
    281-9390 Pua

  5. Information for 2010 reunion in Waimanalo, on Sept 18th and 19th. Registration forms, directions… Please come. Genealogy of family will be available.

    Cousin Ada

  6. Reunion in Waimanalo, 9/18/10 and 9/19/10

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