Sniffen Family Network

Sniffen Family Network

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“This is a Web Site created for the Sniffen Family. In this Site we will have the latest family news, news of upcoming family events and Family photos.
I have completed the first phase of the family genealogy, which is the arrival of George Knifton to the American Colonies down to my children’s generation. The second phase, The Hawaiian Line, is also completed, it consists of the arrival of Bennett Henry Sniffen to the Hawaiian Islands and his descendants. The third phase is about my paternal Grandmothers ancestors, The Moku Nu’a Line. Our ancestor, Chief Nu’a,  is purported to be the warrior that struck the blow that killed Captain Cook. The fourth phase is the Ancestral Chart of Kamakanoenoe (my Great Grandmother) and Martha Kahailani Moku (my Grandmother).

Any ideas you have please email me. (Don’t expect quick results, since I work cheap, I work very slowly).
I decided to do this because our family history is very important to all of us. We cannot fully understand where we are going, unless we understand where we came from. Our Ancestry defines us as to who we are as a family.”


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  1. I clicked on the link and the geocities link seems to be broken. Can you tell me where this Sniffen Family Network is now located?

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