Kanaka Quiet Titles in Ko Hawaii Pae Aina

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  1. I reside in Washington State, not sure if this is the right website for this question. If not, I apologize and just delete, Mahalo
    Looking for some help. My own grandfather and 7 more of my great grand fathers siblings was to use the land until the third generation, which is my generation. The will specifically states he did not want the land to be sold until the 3rd generation at which time it to be divided equally among their descendents.. We were not aware of a will until 1992. My oldest brother had it. Given to him by my uncle who passed away after that. but he felt all the land was already claimed by GGF siblings. Do you think I can press the issue in court and try to claim this land. It is in maui.Despinda@gmail.com. Have an idea if I should or not pursue this. This was my GGF wishes..

    • Aloha Douglas, I would first locate the Royal Patent to the aina you are referring too. From there you can trace the lineal descendants of the Royal Patent owner. All lineal descendants would be entitled to enjoy that land. The will depends a great deal on when it was written because King Kamehameha when he set up the Mahele (to share, not a division of land) set it up so the aina could never be sold but only passed down from generation to generation and in this way insuring that the people that he loved so much, Kanaka, would never be displaced from their own country. As you can see this is not the case and it is way too much to discuss here.

      Try to purchase the book “Hawaii Fake State” to get more of the picture I’m talking about.

      Good Luck!

      • My family are descendants of ” Lupenui ” Royal Patent 2158 Makakupu Ka’u Hawaii, I now own a small interest….my question is can any of the descendants of the original grantee quit claim some of there interest or sale there interest to people that are not descendants of that aina?

  2. I am trying to register as a native hawaiian at Ho’oulu Data Center. My adopted mother, Mele Allen Kehaunani Ainoa Hooper and my adopted father Henry Hooper adopted me in the 1950’s. I went through the family courts to try to verify my ethnicity and they had no record of the adoption. My certificate of Live Birth has a Birth number. Can I contact the Department of Health to get documentation that proves that I’m hawaiian (the original birth certificate copy or just a verification of ethnicity)? If you have any other suggestions as to how to proceed, I would really appreciate it.

    Mahalo piha,
    Ana Fosdick

    • Aloha, I would do that, I would order my birth certificate through vital statistics if you don’t have one. Then, I would attend one of Mahealani Ah Sings meetings, where are you? Which island? She and any of her associates could probably direct you. I know that the birth certificate you will get from vital statistics will more than likely have your name in all caps which is the corporation they made of you. I was told that the hospital has your original certificate with your name in first letter caps and the rest in lower case letters which represents the human you.

      I would google for information too. Just start keying in things like “how to get original birth certificate” and also look up some adoption groups on like Yahoo and they could probably assist as well.

      Good Luck and Mahalo!

  3. basically any reply wouldnt be appreciated i just have Hawaiian name thanks anyway

    • My great- dreat grand father and his wife had propertie in whats known as Kalia, Kona, Waiki. In 1909 these properties were taken away ans condemnation proceedings were done and all families were(kicked off, evicted with no land exchanged or monies paid, absolutly no consideration. The condemnation papers were then taken to the nearest state and registere? or documented at San Bruno by the United States. My understanding is that JO Cater was also named in this theft of land as being a trustee of Pauahi Bishop Estate. Some talk about a reason why the taking was that great great grand parent was a member of the Queens guard and also a member of the patiotic group who attained the many signatures to be sent to Washington DC for the return of our nation, sovergnty and independance. Although it may not be a largeportionof land, it’s still not the United States, it’s my families. What can I do? How can I find the original Royal Patent? Under 2007 Kalaua Blvd shows only Fort Derussy, no history prior to this. Point me in the right direction or to the right people? thanks, loren- jo

      • Do you know the TMK on this?

      • TMK number is 260005001 0000, 72 acres, tract # 001901. Although a large property, I believe my kupunas lived on portins of said Kalia property, It was the military, US who used one number and displaced my family forcing them to look elsewhere until today when most are gone.

      • Sorry, I got a little confused. It said I (Yoforit) made the above comment but I didn’t make the above comment. I just wonder how that happened?

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