Personal Ancestral File – LDS

This is also a good tool for organizing records and one which I use a lot. The only thing is I couldn’t find a way to email it as is to people. So, if you can find a way please let me know. If you’re only organizing the records for yourself it works great but if you want to send to relatives in an email I’m not sure how. I haven’t really taken the time to figure it out either.

Here is the link for Personal Ancestral File —->>>> PAF


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  1. Do ou have any information on an Annie Aiona Holau. She is my great grandmother – I do have what is called a “Holau Petition” a legal document that indicates her name to be ANNIE AIONA HOLAU – the information I have is that she is a descendent of Moi Kekaulike. Annie Aiona Holau is my grandmother Annie Keala Aiona’s mother. Annie Keala Aiona married my grandfather David Ono Kupele. David Ono Cupele was interviewed by your organization, you have his interview on your site. I hope you can help me with my genealogy.

    Stanley Kuhio Blondek
    Elk Grove, CA

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