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  2. Could you please help me make the connection between my grandfather and the Honowanawanui family? His name was John Honowanawanui Davis, born in 1904 and died 1955. His father’s name was James Pahaole Davis who died on Maui in 1931 and he had about 4 wives. He also became a minister.

    • ALOHA:


      • Could you tell me more about your family? I know of a Sarah Davis who is deceased and I believe she might be the same Sarah Davis as your mother. Was your mother born in 1909 and died in 1988? If so, she is my aunty. What a small world it’s getting to be. If you could give me the genealogy of your family that would be great. I’m trying to get the genealogy from my mother’s side together. I’ve been working on these for years and I’m finally get bits and pieces and trying to put them together. I

        If I could help you with some information I have, I will be glad to share it with you.


      • John h davis is my grandfather james p davis was married to daisy who is my grandmother ,than he married fanny ricardo my mom is frances davis daughter of john h dav
        is and fanny ricardo

      • Aloha. I’m a descendant of Fanny’s and Daisy’s eldest brother,Samuel Hoomanawanui. We’re having the Kelii – Hoomanawanui reunion soon and would like to invite you to it and to fill-in the blanks of our genealogy. Please contact me.

    • Aloha. I’m trying to fill-in the blanks for the James & Fanny Davis, and the James & Daisy Davis lines. Fanny & Daisy had 2 brothers and 3 sisters, and I’m a descendant of their eldest brother, Samuel Hoomanawanui. We’re having a reunion soon, so if you can contact me, it’ll great.

  3. Hi Mary, My name is Carol Jean Ryan. My mothers name was Lydia Kekahili Davis. Her dad was James Pahaole Davis & he is also my grandfather. The name ” Hoo’manawanui” was the maiden name of my mother’s mom, Daisy. Evidently, grandpa Davis loved the Hoo’manawanui girls, because he married 3 of them (Daisy, Fannie and Pailolo, make that 4, Kaohele). The names of the wives was Keliihoomanawanui, not hoomanawanui. I too am working on the Davis geneology and it appears that we are in some way related to Kamehameha the first. Any when I get more info I will let u kno and u can e-mail me @koana44121@yahoo.com.

    • Aloha. The Kelii – Hoomanawanui Ohana is having a reunion soon and would like to invite you to learn of the Ohana. I am a descendant of Fanny’s and Daisy’s eldest brother, Samuel Hoomanawanui. Please contact me.

  4. You might know my mother and her brother, her name is Florence
    Davis who married my father Julian Rosa and divorced him and remarried to Craig Guilfoyle. My uncle’s name is James K. Davis, he was married to Penny Meyers who is deceased. The both still live on Oahu. It’s nice to get to know more of the family. I’m looking forward in hearing from you again.

    • My mom and I would visit, a Rosa. Middle Halawa Housing, in the 60`s…. I was a teenager at the time. Occasionally we would come by….

  5. Ok……Marry Ann…..I’m working on it and should have some infor. by Easter. I’ll tell Tony to give it to you. Your mom (Aunty Buddy) mom’s was Fannie Ricardo of Portugal. There was a Fanny Davis she was married to James Davis which is Carol Ryan’s papa. Then there is Uncle Jimmy (James) Davis who was married to Aunty Penny…….a little confusing………….@Carol your mom had a bible with alot of infor. on the Davis family……don’t know who has it…..

    • Did you ever located the bible? Did you give the information to Tony as you stated above? If you did, I did not get it.

  6. Mary Garcia: Yes it’s the same Sarah K. Davis, B: 1909/1910 – D: 1988

  7. Aloha family I’m sure you all know me through social media. My name is Joey Reynon. James Davis and Fanny (Keliihoomanawanui) Davis are my 2nd great grandparents they had a daughter named Daisy (Davis) not the same Daisy who is Fanny’s sister. My great grandmother Daisy first married Daniel Kaialau and had a few children then divorced. Daisy ended up in Kalaupapa, there she would meet her next husband my great grandfather Blas Billador. Daisy and Blas had 2 children born there in Kalaupapa the oldest my uncle Blas Billador Jr. and my grandmother Dorothy Helekahi Wolfe. Here is a url of my grandparents. http://www.kalaupapaohana.org/Newsletters/Dec_2010_News Dec_2010_news_pg7.html

  8. Aloha from Hawaii Island: I was told by Wendell Davis, that we’re from the Second Marriage of Isaac Davis, nad it points to George Hu’eu Davis. The next question is who is James P. Davis’ Grandfather, his father is George Kalei O Nuuanu Davis from the Island of Molokai? it would be a great help to have some closure. Here’s the Kicker I’m related to John Davis his Nephew as well, this where the Kalakua line connection.

  9. Aloha. My name is Darren Lee of Keaukaha, Hilo, Hawaii. We’re having a Kelii – Hoomanawanui Reunion this July and would love to know you folks, as Fanny and Daisy were our Great-Grandfather’s, Samuel Hoomanawanui, sisters. Other siblings were Rebecca (Kaohaihao), Mary (Robinson / Achi), Keohi (Ka) and William Kelii. The reunion is named after the surnames of the 2 bothers, but the Kaohaihao, Ka, Robinson / Achi and Davis lines should be included because they were the sisters of the 2 boys. Over the years, the Kaohaihao, Ka, Kelii and Hoomanawanui Ohana have been in touch with one another because some still live amongst one another in Kona. We’d love to know you.

    • Hi Darren. Just saw this today and wanted information on the Kelii-Hoomanawanui reunion in July. Rebecca Kelii Kauhaihao is my great-grandmother. Is it too late to join in on this reunion? If it is, it’s okay. I am very interested in our genealogy. please let me know through my email. Thank you.

  10. Isaac Young Davis married Lousia Kaolohi Spencer there son was George Kalei Davis he married Liberati or Liberata Kalili and there son was James Davis

  11. Aloha. My name is Ron Lee. I’m looking for information regarding Moses and Kaleilei Hikiau. My GGGM Naukana Ahiona (nee Hikiau) was the grand daughter of Moses Hikiau. Hoomanawanui married (2) Hikiau. Any ideas as to whom Naukana’s parents were? Also, whom might Moses’ and Kaleilei’s parents have been?

    • Ron Lee,
      Naukana is also my husbands GGGM. If u have genealogy u could share, it would be so cool. I’ve been researching that for him for a couple years now. Lmk. I updated my email via this post. Not sure how this site works. MAHALO!!

  12. Wasn’t Naukana the daughter of Moses Hikiau rather than the granddaughter?

    • Sorry, this post was in regards to a post referencing Naukana Hikiau, who I believe later marries to become Aheong. She has children including Pokini (Robinson) and Benjamin Aheong and another son as well as an additional son who is left in China to carry on the family name.

  13. Noelani, thank you for your response. I too have been trying to figure this stuff out for many years, with limited success. Yes, Naukana married Sai Pheong in ’60 for which Aheong is a softening. After Naukana returned from China in ’80, she used Ahiona, a further softening from Aheong. My GGM Ledia Wahine Kanai was the only child from Naukana’s 2nd marriage. Pokini and Ledia were 1/2 sisters by their mother Naukana. There have been academic papers written indicating that Moses was the father of Naukana; however, they are inaccurate. Maybe we should exchange notes sometime, my email address on this site is accurate. Mahalo.

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