Haunani Kaanaana

Haunani Kaanaana

She gives a really nice summary of the way our Kupuna dealt with the invading American culture and talks about it’s affect on her as a Kanaka Maoli.


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  1. looking for info on my grandmother Nalei Kaanaana

  2. Who was your grandmother married to, my grandmother’s name is also Nalei Kaanaana.

  3. I am looking for Leimamo Charlotte Kaanaana my grand mother, she was married to Raymond Kaanaana please call me if you have info 951-595-3190 Georgette

  4. I am looking for Leimamo Charlotte Kaanaana Who was married to Melvin Kaanaana Any info that can lead me to her or her family please contact me via email noelani32@yahoo.com Thank You

  5. The name Kaanaana name is in my genealogy. One of my grandmother’s (my great-great-great grandmother actually), whose name was Kawaiala Kaanaana. Do you have knowledge of her? Most likely from North Kohala

    • Kawaiala Kaanaana married John Bell. Together they had John Parker Bell who married Julia Kahahana Uwaia. John Parker and Julia had 8 children before Julia died from complications of child birth. Their names were: Hiram Kanehakamoa, John Kauhiokalani, 2 unnamed twin boys, then twin girls: Rosie Puluelo an Annie Kahahana, and finally, Julia Kaaoaolahilahiokeohokalole and a twin (not certain if boy or girl) who died at birth. The last child, Julia, married Robert Naea Stevens Sr. and they had 6 children: Vernal Naea, Robert Kihaapiilani, Harriet Daisy Kawaiala Kaoionapuaopiilani, Albert Lincoln Kealoha(lani), and Lillian Piilani. Lillian is my mother.

      I just learned that John Parker Bell later married Rebecca Simeona after his 1st wife, Julia, died. I do not know anything about Rebecca or any posterity that may or may not have followed.

      Now, if you don’t mind, how do you connect to Kawaiala Kaanaana. Would you (rednalu) share your pedigree chart or family group sheet information? You can find me on FB (Nora Kualii), or nkualii@yahoo.com

  6. im looking for leimamo charlotte kaanaana she was married to melvin kaanaana sorry i made a mistake ive been searching for her since april 2012 please help i need to find her or her family due to health issues i need to know my blood line

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