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Andrew N. Kamauoha

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  1. i am a desendent of the kamauoha, mother, June, Grandmother Jennie from Laie, Oahu.

    • Aloha Pauline, yes Jennie and my tutu David K. Kamauoha Sr are brother and sister. We are having a reunion in September 09 so please contact me.


      • Aloha,

        I am trying to locate family for John Kamauoha. He is not able to remember family phone numbers who live in Laie. He mentioned his brother is David Kamauoha. Can anyone help with this? I am his social worker. My phone number is 808-236-8366.

        Robbie Fountain

  2. The Ohana(s) of David Kupa Kamauoha Jr. of La’ie, Oahu is trying to make a Ohana Reunion Sept 4-9th, 2009 at Kakela Beach Park in Hauula, Oahu. Tentative Date(s)! Contacts are Alisha Kamauoha Renaud at Phone (808) 386-9496 or Kehau Kamauoha Tuifua at Phone (808) 741-1585. Our next Ohana Meeting will be at the Kamauoha Hale in La’ie, Oahu on April 19, 2009 at 5:00pm. Please spread the Word any help would be greatly appreciated! Mahalo Nui Loa…

  3. John Kamauoha is my grandfather. My full name is Louise Kaanuulani Kamauoha, my mother is Tita. John is Andrew’s younger brother. John and Louisa adopted me and raised me till we all moved to Utah.

    • my name is lea Puanani Kamauoha and my father is Gordon W. Kamauoha sr. baby brother of Tita , Ella, Wilma and john .

  4. Hello my name is Joseph Gahan Jr., I really don’t know much about the kamauoha family line, but wish too! I don’t know if this John Kauahikaula Kamauoha is family, but he is my grandfather and my grandmother is name is Lucy Haleola Kamauoha, As much as I can remember when going over to my grandmother’s house they both lived in Laie, Oahu…. If this help’s please e-mail me, I’m trying to findout family members and if our family has An family tattoo… thank’s Joe

    • Aloha cuzn Joe my name is Lisi from kapolei. John Kauahikaula Kamauoha is my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. It goes John Kauahikaula Kaumauoha married Lucy Haleola Kai’o. Then had a daughter Virgina Kaonihiokala Kamauoha who married Edward Borden then had about 12 kids of that 12 kids Walter Borden Married Ramona Forsythe. Had daughter Renee Borden who then gave birth to Tammyln Borden who then Married Lisiate Heimuli and then Gave birth to Me Lisiate Heimuli Jr. & Mele Heimuli. This is what i know so far so if you need anything let me know. 7217617. Family tattoos im nmot to sure but i sure would like to have it if there is one. Aloha Famz

      • thanks Lisi for the info, yes I do remember the Borden family very well. I remember going over to molokai, spending the summers there, your great, great, great grandparents were very nice people, hope I had enough greats in there lol, keep in touch, take care

      • My mom, Lucy often spoke of the trips to Molokai and how nice the Bordens were.

    • Joe whats your email? email me John is one of the younger kids to my tutu David Kupa Kamauoha Sr….

    • My name in John Kauahikaula Kamauoha II My papa is Harry Kamauoha and my mom is Lucy Haleola Kamauoha. Moved from Laie long time ago live in Valdez Alaska. Call me 907 831 3595

      • John, if you’re able to, contact a Nani A. Hunter, owner of The Hair Design Salon, she is my daugter living in Valdez since 1981. We come from the “Peni- Ben , Mokuiki-Ha`aheo-Kauwahiakanoe lineage.

      • Hi John,
        I’m your cousin, Marie Martin Kerr, formerly Marie Wilhelmina Lucy Martin. My mom was Mary, who is Lucy’s sister. I just had genetic testing done, and guess what? I’m a little bit less than 1/8 Hawaiian, which means that Harry was Mary’s father. I live in Reno, Nevada with two boys, and I married Micky, whom it turns out is 1/3 Native American.


    • Aloha Uncle Joe,

      My name is Eyvonne Melemai.
      My father is Harris Puakiele Melemai
      My grandmother is Elaine Gahan Melemai

      I am the granddaughter of Elaine Gahan who married William Herman “Big Boy Clement” Melemai.

      Elaine Gahan is your fathers sister. She passed away in 1981 and lived with us for most of our life.

      Can you please email me with your contact info so we can figure out how we can get some of our family together.

      We just lost an uncle last week and it’s tough having to see ohana at funerals.

      My email address is:

      Mahalo and looking forward to sharing.

  5. Aloha Kamauoha ohana of Laie..John Kauahikaula Kamauoha are one of the 12 kids of our first Kamauoha aka Henry Nahelehele Kamauoha aka HN Kamauoha (1845-1921). We come from the David Kupa Kamauoha line…The Bordens, Gahan etc are all family…I have found 4 different Kamauoha families. We have our genealogy so please contact me. Aloha

  6. I’am trying to do some genealogy for my mom’s side of the family..Jeff would or can you please email me the genealogy line for the Kamauoha? My mom is Geraldine Gahan (Joeseph sister)..Mahalo

  7. Ma-halo to my dearest Kamauoha family. Back in 12th of August 1979, Stake Patriarch of Kaneohe Hawaii Stake, this wonderful Patriarch gave me a special patriarchal blessing. In that blessing, the Lord opened the mind of this wonderful and insight Elder of the church to allow me to see my past, present, and my future tasking by the Lord. Yet over the years, as time accumulated in learning, teaching and being taught at the hands of the Savior, finally in 2009, after giving a life of endless quest to know my Savior, I finally received that epiphany as stated in that blessing. I am now grateful and indebted to this brother…I am indebted to this man for his insights and allowing himself to be a example for me to follow in those early days of conversation. As I am grateful when he gave me the priesthood (Elder) and adding my hindsight to my present and future tasking. Yet, he was so profound, that even the Bishop and others were confounded in that circle. His ability to see and listen to the Spirit was prophetic. I can now attest, he was accurate.

    I am so grateful to this brother, his beloved companion, whom may not remember me since then, their dedication that they gave to the stake and those who served.

    Many years I have searched to find his kindred to see if he is still alive to show my deepest appreciation but at last, I found the above article he is now residing with our Lord and Savior in that eternal rest.

    Soon, I will be there to wrap my arms around him to weep and give praises to this man for his faith, love for others, and devotion to our Master Lord and Savior – Jesus the Christ.

    Your brother and friend forever,
    Steven S.

    • Hello Steven,
      My uncle Andrew Kamauoha is my grandfather John Koahou Kamauoha’s elder brother. Yes he was an amazing and humble man much like his father John. Thank you for your word’s and thoughts.
      My name is Lani, Louise Ka’anu’ulani Kamauoha (Laumua).

    • Aloha Ke Akua, Kamauoha Ohana…my grandmother is, was Lily Kekino Kamauoha….my mom is, was Kaimiola Manuia, Keaukaha, Hilo;I am Kahu Henrietta Pualani Manuia-Hashimoto, Wailuku Maui.
      MCCC Chaplain 31 years; Jeff is a blessing; he led me to know I have Kamauoha ohana. I was raised by my dad, Oahu Prison guard in the 40s n 50s; Kamehameha Schl 1961; moved to Maui 1980. Children are Ernie and Ervin Sanchez; in Heaven is Elvira S-Ortiz,2006;5 grandsons and 6 great grandchildren(Nv.,Wa.,Mo.) Contact me; we can walaau.

  8. Aloha fine folks. I have bee helping my wife Ruthie Bascar (Makepa) of Maui with her family line. The name Kamauoha Makepa born about 1867 comes up. He married Mary Ioane Kopa and had at least five known children. Samuel, Hattie, John Kamauoha, Peter and Mele. Plese excuse the intrusion, but if anyone has info on this family, please contact me at MAHALO

  9. Aloha Kakahiaka ohana, I have a David Ula Kamauoha who married Dannette Kaliko (Kaimuokalani) Beirne. I have been researching my Keaunui/Hiram Genealogy and the Kamauoha’s are related through him. Mahalo for any information.

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