Ka Wai Ola – Family Reunions

Much as I don’t want to publicize anything OHA does I do glean information from their newspaper, especially the Family Reunion section. Here families sometimes recite genealogy and have contact numbers for potential family members researching their genealogy. I’ve provided the link and also a sample from Jan. 2008.

For the link please click below


Green — Seeking information on our ancestor we know only as Lepeka Kahalaunani. She had children from Barrass, Green and Cleghorn, and later married someone by the name of Larush, but had no children with him. With Barrass, she had a daughter, Grace, who married Rose and had three children, Gustave, Helen (married Hedeman) and Alexander. With Wm L Green, she had a daughter, Elizabeth (married Freeth), and a son, Wm L Green Jr. With Archibald Cleghorn, she had three daughters, Rosie (married Roberts), Helen (married Boyd) and Annie (married Woodenberg). We don’t think Kahalaunani is a last name. If anyone could kōkua us with information, it would greatly be appreciated. Please email Judi Weatherwax at kikokela@yahoo.com.

Johnson/La’amaikahikiwahine — The descendants of Ambrose Peter Johnson and La’amaikahikiwahine are planning a family reunion July 3-6, 2008, at Mālaekahana Beach Park, North Shore, O’ahu. We have secured a camping area and also lodging nearby. Ambrose and La’amaikahikiwahine had eight children, six of whom produced descendants. They were Enoch Johnson, Anna Kahiku Johnson Kealoha, Lilia Johnson Foster, Mele Johnson Peaha Kawainui, Antone Johnson and Pedro “Manini” Johnson. Their children were: Enoch Enoka Johnson, Peter Eokewe Kealoha, Lily Kipola Kealoha Blanchard, Sarah Ho’ohuli Kealoha Ferreira, Mary La’a Kealoha Kaolelopono/Calvert, Anna Kealoha Apio, Frank Kealoha, Frank Foster, Elizabeth Kapeka Foster Bartholomew, John Foster, Orio Pakalau Foster, Joseph Foster, Nicholas Foster, Peter Foster, Raymond Foster, Annie Peaha Char, Emily Peaha Kim, Manuel Johnson, Sarah Ka’ahanui Johnson, John Peter Johnson, Maria Johnson Christiansen, Elizabeth Kahiku Johnson Young, and Mary Pa’ahana Moniz/Stanton/Larinaga. For more information and registration forms, please contact Roz Solomon Kaplan at 808-575-5065, by mail at P.O. Box 1291, Ha’ikū, HI 96708, or by email, Hawnrozz@msn.com. Please write “Johnson Reunion” in the subject line.

Kalaau — I am seeking information for all the children of James Kalaau (1868-1932) and Keohonui Kawika (1871-1991). James Kalaau is also known as Keoahunui Kawika. Some of their children are: Jennie (married Henry Paleka) and Helen (married Herman Holstein). Was there a Julie? Were there any other children? Contact Herman Paleka at P.O. Box 510112, Keālia, HI 96751.

Kalohi — I am seeking all available genealogy information for the Kalohi ‘ohana who lived in Hāna/Honolua, Maui, between 1850 and 1899 or earlier. My great-grandfather, James Kauakahi Kalohi Kalama (1880-1929), applied for his marriage license in July 1899 so he could marry my great-grandmother, Mary Ann Kahalewai Searle (1876-1952), who was from Honolua Ranch. Original marriage records in the Honolulu Archives showed his last name to be Kalohi (James Kauakahi Kalama Kalohi). Somehow, somewhere, his middle and last names were altered. He went by Kalama after his marriage because their son and my grandfather, Richard Kauakahi Kalohi Kalama (1900-1954), used Kalama. All of his children had that last name, including my mother, Stella Ululani (Kalama) Loughmiller. The Hawai’i census showed grandfather James and the Kalohi ‘ohana lived next door to the Kawananahopu Kalama ‘ohana in Hāna. Furthermore, my grandfather James was a witness to his sister Emaline Kalohi’s marriage in 1901 to a Kanohi and signed the license as James K. Kalohi. When he died in January 1929, his sister Emaline verified his death certificate as James Kauakahi Kalohi Kalama. However, his obituary and his burial records at the O’ahu Cemetery in Nu’uanu showed his name as James Kauakahi Kalama Kalohi. I would appreciate any kōkua from the Ho’ohui ‘Ohana readers who can set me straight on my dilemma. Contact me, Danny Kalama, by email at drkalama@comcast.net or by phone at 801-825-5436.

Kanakaole/Aipoalani/Poikauahi — The descendants of John Keali’i Kanakaole Aipoalani will hold a reunion April 11-13, 2008, in Kekaha, Kaua’i at the Kekaha Community Recreation Center. For more information, updates and how you can help in this reunion, please contact Mike Aipoalani on O’ahu at 808-342-0308 (cell), 808-668-1298 (home) or at kaimana1956@
hawaiiantel.net; Gwenette (Nakaahiki) Cardejon on Kaua’i at 808-337-9241 (home), 808-651-4749 (cell) or m.cardejon@hawaiiantel.net; or Joy Aipoalani on O’ahu at 808-630-8453 or jaipoalani@htbyb.com.

Ka’olelopono — I am seeking any family of Harry Ka’olelopono, born April 6, 1910, and died April 19, 1984 in Wai’anae, O’ahu. He was married to Elizabeth Kahunanui and then to Rose Winona Williams. Please contact Roz Solomon Kaplan 808-575-5065, email Hawnrozz@msn.com or write to P.O. Box 1291, Ha’ikū, HI 96708. Mahalo.

Kauli’a/Kapinao — The descendants of Sam Kauli’a and Kaiahua Kapinao (aka Mary Pinao) of Kaÿū, Hawaiÿi, had its quarterly reunion meeting in Kona on Oct. 6. One of our main goals is to have a large reunion sometime during summer 2009 in or near to Kaÿū (exact dates and location still pending). The children of Sam and Kaiahua include sons: I (married Lepeka Kekuÿia also of Kaÿū), Puni (married Lepeka Kekuia after the passing of his brother, I) and Sam V. (married S. Mahelona of Kaÿū). Daughters included Abigail (married I. Ka’auwai from Kauaÿi), Keahi (married E. Macomber of Kaÿū), Pukai (married E. Delos Santos from Kaÿū), Pakanaka (married T. Martinsen of Kaÿū), and Nawai. We recently discovered there were also one hānai, Agnes Kauliÿa. Descendant-representatives from the lines of I, Abigail, Keahi, Pukai and Sam Jr. were present at the meeting. However, we are still in search of descendants from Pakanaka Martinsen, Agnes Kauliÿa and others as well. Since there are ‘ohana residing on all four major islands, the steering committee has elected to have quarterly rotational meetings hosted by ‘ohana living on these islands over the course of the first year, then evaluate our accomplishments after the next O’ahu meeting in April 2008. These quarterly meetings will allow Kauli’a descendants to attend local gatherings and provide the committee sufficient time for planning and gathering all necessary copies of documents to organize the genealogical chart and family book. The next meeting will be on Maui, Jan. 18-20, 2008, in Waiÿōhuli, followed by the April 19 O’ahu meeting. For updates, information, or if you have any information to contribute to our ÿohana or are related to any of these lines, please contact Kuÿualohanui or Sera Kauli’a at kauliaohanareunion@hawaii.rr.com or 358-4853.

Love-Hoopii — A reunion is being planned for July 20, 2008, in honor of the past and present ‘ohana of James Robert Love and Hoopii. Descendants include their children Annie Kaniniu, James R. K., William Kaliko; Annie Love and Edmund Hart (children: Louise Keohiokalani, Edwin K. Henry, James Kawohikukahi, Llewellyn Leialoha, Mary Kaniniu, Gladys Ululani, Edmund Jr., St. Elmo, Henrietta Hoopii, Annie Kaniniu, Robert Bruce, Helen Adwina, Henry Haleola); Louise K. Hart and George William Weight (children: Ethlinda Ululani, Llewelyne Blaisedell); Louise K. Hart Weight and George Noa Weight. Also invited are the descendants of William Weight and Isabella Askew (children: Benjamin John, Marry Ann [Molly], William Jr., George, Elizabeth Jane, Edward Joseph, Isabella Mae, Charles Schmidt Walker). The celebration will be at the Wai’anae Army Beach Club from 10 a.m – 4 p.m. Cost of $15 (adults), $10 (keiki 5-12) will be collected for buffet lunch. RSVP by July 1, 2008, is appreciated. Payment also accepted upon arrival to event. Genealogy information will be available for viewing. All participants are encouraged to bring any family charts, pictures, stories and info to be shared. If anyone is interested in working with us on research, planning our gathering or for more info, please contact Uilani Tacgere at 808-696-6843, Uipua@aol.com; or Kaipo and Reatha Awana at 661-942-5794, rkainla@msn.com.

Lovell/Holokahiki — Plans are underway for the Lovell a me Holokahiki family reunion. The ‘ohana of Joseph Lovell and Mary Holokahiki will gather on Kaua’i for a week during July 9-16, 2008. The children of Joseph and Mary were Loika, John, William, Daniel and Jennie Lovell. An islandwide O’ahu meeting is scheduled for January. Please visit our website at http://www.lovellameholokahiki.org. For more information, contact Kellie Pleas on Kaua’i at 808-337-9953, skpleas@hawaiiantel.net or Louise (Kaiona) Killebrew on O’ahu at 808-262-1884, lkillebrew@halekipa.org, or Kalani at 808-538-3046.

Makuaole — A reunion is being planned for July 11-13, 2008, in honor of those who came before us. We would like to reunite with the present ‘ohana of Opuweuweu Makuaole and Kainuki Hina. Descendants include their children: Mary Makuaole, Hapaikamalii Makuaole, Rebecca Makuaole, Kamekona Makuaole, Kamuela Makuaole and Mele Makuaole. The reunion will be in Waimea, Kaua’i, at Lucy Wright Park. We are seeking all family descendants. Please contact us via email, makuaoleohana@yahoo.com or mail your contact information (name, mailing address, email address and phone numbers) to: Dominic Acain at POB 924, Kekaha, Kaua’i, HI 96752 or call 808-346-2196 by Jan. 30.

Nahooikaika — Descendants of Obed Nahooikaika please call Olinda (Reyes) Shefte at 808-572-1873 or Warren (Black) Nahooikaika at 808-242-4450. We would like to find family members in hopes of having a reunion sometime in the near future.

Nakoa — The descendants of Kalawaianui Nakoa will host its very first family reunion Aug. 1-3, 2008, at Hale Nanea Hall in Kahului, Maui. The children are: Samuel Paakaula, Joseph Kahiki, James Kaula, Rebecca Peke, David Kalawaianui, Susan Kumaia and Joseph Napuunoa Nakoa. For more information, contact co-chairs Winifred (Nakoa) Cockett at 808-244-5678 or Mary Ann (Nakoa) Barros at 808-573-9339

Namau’u/Nihoa — I am seeking any family connections to John Henry Nihoa, Keluhaleole Kaihupelelani (w), Mahua Namau’u (k), Naioma Luukia Opio (w), Lin Chung Akuna/ Lum-Ten Chong (k), Paao-ao (w) (Mrs. Ihu-nui), and Maka Ihu-nui (k). Please write to Joyce Kainoa, P.O. Box 664, Kaunakakai, HI 96748-0664.

Schubert — I am trying to find any information on Wenzel (Paul) Schubert, whose brother was my grandfather Jules Schubert. Wenzel came to Hawai’i, the island of Kaua’i in the 1890s from the former country of Bohemia (Austria/Germany) as a shoemaker and became a saddle maker. Any knowledge of his marriage, death or family would be greatly appreciated. Contact J.W. “Kimo” Wilson at P.O. Box 1971, Kealakekua, HI 96750 or at 808-323-2305.


28 Responses

  1. i am looking for any info of the ohana of madeline kaui song and her husband Kwong song gramma kaui is my boyfriends grandmother his father is john song. i am trying to find out the lovell side of the family for my daughters Mahinala’i, Pilialoha, Pulelehua, and Miulanawa’iolu. if anyone can help my e-mail me at kalalea2001@hotmail.com

    • Aloha Leslie, hopefully someone will see this and give some information but in the meantime you can utilize some of the links here to Ancestry.com, ulukao.org, familysearch.org and use some of the research methods I shared. Also, on FaceBook there is an awesome group of genealogists that formed a group Native Hawaiian Genealogy and there is also MaoliWorld that has a Mookuauhau group. It takes a lot to do research but it is both fulfilling and rewarding to know our roots and our history.

      • yoforit please look me up on facebook I have cousins that will help mahalo :o) pineapple

  2. I’m Russell Pineapple on facebook looking for anyone with information on these names from Maui: William Nawai Jr and Sr, Mary Kamaka, Isabella Lawrence/Lorenz , Mary Haake/Nawai, Mary E Garcia, Hattie Nawai, Joe F Lawrence/Lorenz, Manuel Cardoza, Noble Kauhane, Mary Kanana, James Kanana, Lucy Nawai, Isabella Lawrence/Lorenz brothers and sisters are: Marie, Manuel, Rose, Rosey Lucia, Vincia. Please email or look me up on facebook Russell Pineapple Mahalo

  3. Aloha my name is Tania, i am researching familys of my mother Tungane Potini from the island of aitutaki, cook islands. Her mother’s name is Apii Varu, which is my grandmother, and Apii’s mother’s name is Mahina Kanakole from Hawaii. I only just found out from my mother Tungane Potini, i am only interested to meet familys i’ve never met before, would be nice to know theres family out there, whom we’ve never knew about please feel free to contact me (Tania). I live in Melbourne, Australia. Thankyou for taking the time to read my note.

    Kind regards.

    Tania Daniels
    22 Station Creek Way
    Botanic ridge 3977
    Melbourne, Australia

    • Kia Orana Tania,
      Who are you really? Is Tungane your biological mother? it’s seem strange that you don’t know anything about your mother’s family. Why is that ?. Potini doesn’t have a daughter called Tungane. I know all Potini and my auntie Apii Varu’s children. My grandmother’s Surname is Tearaitoa and not Kanakaole. Tearaitoa was married to Kanakaole begat Mahina and their only child. I know a lot but I will not disclose that with you until I’m satisfied who you really are. Looking forward to hear from you

      • Kia orana my family,, mahina is my great grandmother,, I come from the john w line,, and my father is varu John varu who still lives in Aitutaki,,.don’t know much about our history but am finding out slowly,, just thought I would say hi to you all xox

      • Sorry I mispelt my name,, its ngatungane,, not ngatunagane

      • Thankyou for the information e aunty iva, i think i followed the family tree wrong, excuse my mistake about kanakaole, i didn;t noe shes a female, i thought she was a male.mama kanakaole married tearaitoa and the had our great grandmother (mahina) now that makes sense. I think my mother don’t noe much, its sad she doesn’t noe the full story, she seems to upset me alot, when i ask for this info. So thankyou so much aunty iva, do you have a hm: no that i can call you.

  4. So sorry about the 1st note, let me introduce these familylines.

    Kaholo Kilioulani- Married William John Kanoa from Puna Hawaii, and had 4 children name:

    1st child- name Emma Kalanikauikaalaneo born- gilbert island 1852 died- Hawaii 1852.

    2nd child- name Samuel born- gilbert island 1853 died- Hawaii 1928.

    3rd child- William John.

    4th child- Kanakaole married Mahina which is my great grandmother. I could go on with names, theres too many names to name. Thankyou.

    • correcting a mistake with the 1st child death is 1923.

      • Hi Tania Daniels… my name is Nanoua (24yrs old). I am from Butaritari, Kiribati Islands. I believe you have many descendants names which I love to learn more about. My family came from one of Kanoa and Kaholo childrens. I am afraid I do not know the name. But some of my second cousins in Butaritari were also called Emma. Even my mother’s aunt also named Emma. All I know is that Tavita (son or grandson of Kanoa and Kaholo) who married local islander from Butaritari, created my great grandmother named Takarerei who married local islander as well named Rereintetaake.

        pls do contact me on ntiroi@gmail.com
        I really love to learn more and know more about our descendants. Thank you for you time. 🙂

      • Hello, Nanoua Tiroi

        I just want to correct you here that the mother of Tavita was Maraea/ Maria. Malaea]Maria was JW Kanoa’s second wife after Kaholo who died in Butaritari.

        For your information, after death of Kaholo in Butaritari, JW Kanoa travelled back to Hawaii on Morning star and married Maraea[Maria and came back to continue his mission in Butaritari.with his second wife. Tavita was born in Butaritari and married islander named Nei Nanoua with two children NeiTakarerei and Nei Kateang. Tavita second wife was Nei Toromita with one children named Nei Mareweiti.

        JwKanoa with his second wife Maraea/Maria and son Tavita were died and all buried in Butaritari.

        To all JW Kanoa’s kindred you were most welcome to come to Butaritari in Kiribati and see the cemetry of JW Kanoa, Kaholo Maraea and Tavita our beloved great,and great great parents

        To get full information in regarding to JW KAnoa mission in Butaritari please visit Childrens Museum in Honolulu and piles of articles provided by him are ready to read..

        I hope the story is much clear for your necessary information,

        Thank you,.

    • kia orana Tania, i too am a great granddaughter of Mahina, my grandmother is Ngametua and my mother is Maria who is still living in Vaipae, Aitutaki…pls contact me on facebook… tai taratoa and i will give you more info about our family tree. look forward to hearing from you…

      • Kia Orana Tai
        My name is Iva Tuaiti i too am a descendant of Mahina who is also my great grand mother and my Grandmother is Ameria listed as the oldest child of Mahina, My father is Teuruaa Tuaiti, i am one of 9 siblings i am married now and Tuaiti is my maiden name,I had the opportunity to travel to Aitutaki for the first time last year and meet other members of the Varu family whom my father always retained close connections and it was great to meet them. I was so overwhelmed with happiness to go to Vaipae. I too am interested to know our geneology, you can message me on facebook gawjus-pringle. hope to hear from you, or anyone else connected in this line.

      • Please contact me

    • hi,, correct me if I’m wrong coz I’m confused now,, but didn’t mahina marry varu??,, who is my great grandfather,, John w is my grandpa and varu John varu is, my father,,

    • Hello Tania.Daniels…My name is Iutini (24yrs old). the daughter of JR Kanoa and Kiraara from Butaritari island….second cousin of Nanoua Tiroi.. My great grandmother is also Takarerei who married Bwebwentetaake. I believe you have many stories and history of Kanoa and Kaholo..if you have any information plse contact me on utinini.kanooa@gmail.com

      I love to learn more about my family

      Iutini Kanoa

    • Aloha Tania,

      My name is Alexandria Kalanikauikaalaneo Kilioulaninuiamamao Gonsalves. Emma is my great great grandmother through my great grandmother Marion Pauline Haleokeawe Kalaninuiwahaikamoku deFries, my grandmother Rose May Marion Kalanikauikaalaneo Enos and my mother Marion Pauline Kalanikauikaalaneo Gonsalves. I’m currently trying to do some genealogy research and figure out how I’m connected to King Kamehameha I. I think I may be connected through Queen Peleuli(through her child Mahehe then Lalapamanu, the Olalapa, then Prince Kahalauikapuoilikealalapa then Kaholo who gave birth to emma), Queen Kalola(through her child Kalanikauiokikilo then Kauloaiwikamaikeahi’ena’enakapakahiliuahiwanuiaehhu who then marries Mahene) and/or Queen Kekumano(not sure if thats the correct way to spell her name. Through her child Kalanihelemailuna, then kalaniulumoku, then kahawalu then kaleikini then princess wahinekapu who then marries Prince Prince Kahalauikapuoilikealalapa). Its a little overwhelming trying to connect everything, but I’m hoping that someone could confirm my research thus far and point me in the right direction.


      • Kia orana Alexandria

        My name is Kairangi Thomson (nee Henry) and I am from the Kanakaole clan residing in the Cook Islands, Aitutaki. It is really impressive seeing the connections to the family in Hawaii. I am keen to learn more and hope in there is a family reunion for the Kanoa and Kaholo connection.

        Happy to hear more from the Hawaiian family.


  5. My grandfather is William Nawai jr. his father was William Nawai SR and his father was Kaahanui. Kaahanui was married to Nakiowai. Kaahanui had two brothers, Peulua, and Piimaiwaa. Kaahanui also had another son who was Kaiae, who was also given the last name Nawai. Kaiae married Malie. Kaiae also adopted the Christian name William, like his brother, and used it sometimes. Kaahanui’s parents are Kaiae (k) and Palena (w). Nakiowai’s mother is HieHie and one of her husbands was Pahoa.

    Now William Nawai was married to Kealohamauloa. Kealohamauloa parents were Lapauila (k) and Kekualoa (w). Kekualoa’s father was Moanalua.
    Mahalo :o) pineapple

  6. Hi Tavita Ruatara

    Thanks for the information, so much clear now that u have this info, just wondering are any of youse living in hawaii now, My son Sean is in Honolulu at the moment, on 2 weeks holiday at Miramar hotel at waikiki, is there any family that can visit him. If so plz let me noe, so he can go n visit the children musuem in honolulu. I would like to visit 1 day, and maybe you and nanoua can come n visit us in melbourne australia. Look forward hearing from any of youse as soon as possible. Thankyou family.

    Kia orana e tai taratoa, nice 2 noe you, even though we haven’t met iam always happy to keep intouch wif any of the family. P.s couldn’t find u on face book. im friends with itu davey n potini i mean regina.

    Thank you guys
    Tania Daniels

    • Kia Orana Tania. If Tungane is your mother, Teau Potini is your grand mother. Teau’s mother is Apii Varu my mothers’ sister. ( Ngametua Varu.That makes me your auntie. Itu Davey is Amiria John Varu’s son. Amiria’s father is uncle John Varu who is my mother and your grandmother’s brother.Potini ( Regina) is your first cousin.His father’s name is Tuakana Potini. Tai ( Tutai )Taratoa is my sister Maria’s daughter. I gave Potini our Hawaiian Genealogy about two years ago, because he told me he was interested travelling to Hawaii to explore and meet our Hawaiian family there. I ‘ve been to Hawaii in 1998 and met auntie Esther Smythe who lived on Haleakala Avenue Nanakuli, Oahu. Auntie Esther passed away either in 2004 0r 2007, don’t quite remember the exact year. Auntie Esther is from the Emma Kalanikauikaalaneo lineage. We are from Emma’s sister Kanakaole. In 2002, a group of us which consisted 13 altogether from Wellington New Zealand went to Hawaii on a Tivaivai tour group. Hosted by John Jonassen and his wife Diah.We stayed in one of the hotels off the Kalakaua Road.Myself and three of my sisters went to Molokai and met our other Hawaiian families there,spent a night with them.They’re from Auntie Josephine’s clan, shes auntie Esther’s sister. We also met some of the families in Oahu and also from auntie Josephine’s clan. let me know if you want more information.
      Kia Manuia
      Auntie Iva

  7. Kia orana e Tai Taratoa!!

    I have been trying to find you on facebook, i can’t find you.. You can add me on facebook, im friends with Itu Davey. Need to find some information as soon as possible. I have my 19th year old in Hawaii at the moment. Thankyou ra cousin Tai.

    Tania Daniel from Melbourne, Australia

    • Kia Orana Tania. My name is Iva Tau Eitiare and your mother Tungane is my first cousin. My mother Ngametua Varu is your grandmother’s sister. Just to put you right on John William Kanoa’s 4th child. The 4th child is Kanakaole William Kanoa ( she has a long name) who married Tearaitoa Tuao ( Opura) of Aitutaki and begat Mahina. Mahina married Varu Titoru Karore .

  8. Kia orana Aunty Iva, Yes my mum & unty Teau are sisters. My mother’s biological registered name is Tungane Potini, athough i think mum’s known by Tere as well. My grandmother is Apii Varu. Thankyou Aunty for the info!! There’s 6 of us, 5 boys and im the only girl, my brother’s are all married to a papaa’s & im the only 1 married to a cook islander. Myself & my brother’s knew who mums sibilings were, but never had anything in common with the family, i guess i was the only one at home with mum and dad & attend to a few family get2gether, and all i noe as a young girl, they would argue alot. I always tell mum never take me with her, when she goes to see her family hehe!!, We were all raised in New Zealand. Mum only knew little of info, about the hawaii side & thats why my research took place. Mum told me to do my own research if i wanted this information on our hawaii side,mum thinks it easy, but its not.

    Anyway Aunty Iva, the reason for my info!! its for my son Sean, Sean & his family just got back from hawaii for 2wks holiday. Sean basically took this holiday to get to noe the place before moving back there, early next year for work, he will be based in Honolulu. Sean is a contruction wall, as in installing fibre walls for commercial buildings & residential houses. I thought this would help Sean to meet any family in hawaii, while hes’s there, he’s pretty much on his own.

    Sean is 19 years old. I spoke to one of aunty Teau’s daughter Tungane, she said to me, she’s going next year, I than spoke to my husband about going straight after my other son Jordan’s 21st in June 2014. I have rung Potini in Aitutaki about 2nd wk of July 2013, for any helpful information, he said to me he will sent it to me by email, still i haven’t heard anything from Potini. I’ve made contact with Tai Taratoa and Tui Muriwai, & Will Simpson, about the informations. They only told me, whu they were and the connection. Aunty iva do u noe whats mama mahina’s date of birth. Sean would like to apply for a green card permit to live there, if he has this information of mama mahina’s D.O.B. Sean did his research with the immigration in hawaii, and thats what they ask for, and he will need to take my mother, and myself for that rights to live as permanent residents in hawaii.

    Once again aunty thankyou, if you have more info it would help so much.

  9. Kia orana, ruanoo here from aitutaki..and just recently heard that I have connection with JW Kanoa..anyhow all I remember is that he had a child in Pehnryn which is my great great great grandmother and so and so ?? Can someone help me out ?? Im soo keen to learn about this family

  10. Hi Everyone

    There is a family page established for the descendant of J.W Kanoa and Maria from in Kiribati on face book titled: Ana Utu Kanoa ( Te riki mani Hawaii). please do visit so we can have a chat and get to know each other well.

    Keen to know about the family tree.

    my facebook contact: Urua.Bwess

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