Kauaua Ohana Reunion

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Every two (2) years the descendants of Kelii-O-Nahuawai Kauaua and Kauaiokalani gather for a family reunion.  Kelii-O-Nahuawai Kauaua

was born in 1786, the son of Nahuawai; and Kauai-o-kalani Kanae was born in 1788.  Kelii and Kauaiokalani had five (5) children named,

Papai, Kamaka, Puupuu, Apuakahei, Moeloa.  The children were born on the island of Maui, in the district of Honua’ula

Papai (1808), married husband Job Piena.  Kamaka (1810), married husband John Kamakee Kuhaulua.  Puupuu (1812), married wife Kalino Kailiponau.  Apuakahei (1813), married husband Kahui-o-keaumiki.  Moeloa, married husband Mataio Kaivi (Aka) Kaiwi.


The descendants represent the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of the Kauaua family.  Cecilia Kailaa Hatsumi Naganuma Freeman (1911), born in Lahaina was the Founder of Ohana Kauaua.  Elizabeth-Mae Kapeka Pihana Morton (1922), born in Makena, Maui was the first President and genealogist of Ohana Kauaua.

Date: September, 18th and 19th


45 Responses

  1. Hi,

    Great job. For Puu Puu Kauaua, I have another name for him given to me in the mail with no return address. I tried looking it up online to no avail. The other name I have for Puu Puu Kauaua is Ai PuuPuu Imua-Onakealo-Ona-Ali’i. Of course, the name was given to me all caps as “AIPUUPUIMUA-ONAKEALO-ONA-ALII”.

    I hope this helps, keep up the great work.


    • Mahalo Barb,

      I will be attending a Ohana meeting next weekend in Honolulu and will present the name to a Kupuna who handles our family genealogy.

      I have not seen this name before. Will let you know if I am given an answer.

      If you are on the island of Oahu on Sept 18th stop by reunion at Teen Center in Waimanalo.

      Thank you again…

  2. Aloha Barbara,

    The name that you were given Aipuupuuimua-ona-kealo-ona-alii is Puupuu’s given name. I am a decendant of that line. Today everyone shortens the given names and then think that it is the the name. So the name above is his name.


  3. I am a Kuamo’o & met someone just last night who informed me about this reunion on Sept 18-19. He said we were related, I am not sure becasue I am a younger generation. Though I am very interested in learning who my ohana are & where we originated from. If you have any kind of information please email me, i would be so happy & appreciate yiur time.

    • Aloha! I’m sorry I don’t have any information I can share. Have you scrolled down the left side? There may be some information. Also, just by me posting this comment someone that is of this ohana may help you. Mahalo!

    • Aloha Tracey,

      I have heard the Kuamo’o family mentioned at some ohana meetings. If you are on Oahu Sept 18th our resident genealogist (Auntie Hannah) will be on site to answer any of your inquiries. We will be offering a CD with family genealogy.

      You will be welcomed even if you don’t register. If you are not able to attend, let me know your grandparent’s name and I will be glad to email some information.

    • I have information some information taking us back to the Kauauau line.

    • Aloha kakou, Tracey,
      I am glad to see some younger generation “Kuamo’o Ohana” family members are interested in genealogy & family history. I have recently published a book on my Kaipo_Kuamo’o Ohana lineage, entitled “The Po’o-Kahuna Prince Who Would Be King of Hawai’i: The Battle of Kuamo’o,” which I recently gifted to the University of Hawai’i @ Manoa Hawaiian Collection. In conjunction with the Kuamo’o Foundation of Hawai’i, an Electronic Book CD Copy & printed hardcopy is available there summarizing over 30 years of genealogical work on our Kuamo’o Ohana family history & genealogy.., including Ancestral Charts, Descendant’s Charts, Generational Reports, pictures, etc. Our greatest Kuamo’o Ohana ancestor is a son of Ke Ali’i Paiea (King Kamehameha Paiea I, the Conqueror), according to my late grandfather Reverend Kaipo Kuamo’o of Hilo, HI…named Kaiwi-kuamo’o-kekuaokalani (k) (aka “Kuamo’o” or “Kekuaokalani”, for short) who fought his half-brother, Liholiho Iolani (King Kamehameha II) in defending their late father’s Haw’n religion, customs, traditions and beliefs. The Battle of Kuamo’o was fought on 12/18-19/1819 at Keauhou, Kailua-Kona, HI, wherein both our ancestor, Prince Kaiwi-kuamo’o-kekuaokalani & his warrior wife High Chiefess Manono, were killed. The Battle of Kuamo’o site is now called the Lekeleke Burial Ground where over 343 Haw’n warriors are buried in mass graves. Recently, some real estate developers wanted to build over 43 newly discovered gravesites there a Commercial Condo Project called “Kuamo’o Estates.” We objected & fought the descecration of these new gravesites & prevented the development. The State of Hawaii DNLR State Historic Preservation Division officially recommended my Kuamo’o Ohana’s claim as lineal descendants of the Po’o-Kahuna (Master Kahuna) Prince Kaiwi-kuamo’o-kekuaokalani & Chiefess Manono of Kohala which my g-g-grandfather would have wanted me to do as “Kahu of his memory & battleground site.” I have a winter home in Keauhou, Kailua-Kona, HI near the Lekeleke Burial Ground site, so feel free to visit our ancestors buried there in unmarked mass graves. U must defend it in the future since I am getting older.

      Mahalo, Imua, malama pono…

      Kaipo Kuamo’o

  4. Aloha Kaipo,

    Mahalo for sharing this information. Since I live on Big Island, I will certainly make a trip over to Kona and visit the Lekeleke Burial Ground site. Hope to see you at Kauaua Ohana meeting on April 16th.

    I hope Tracey viewed your response – what a rich history she has inherited!

    Mahalo, Mae

  5. I was doing research on my family geneology and was interested in some help as well. I have siblings and children and would like to pass on this information to them. We are also inquiring if we could by any means participate in the reunion, as it is our heritage and our family. My grandmother Elizabeth Rose Duenas(daughter of Mabel Akuna who was granddaughter of Kealii A. Kuhaulua who is daughter of Kamaka Kauaua) Please advise to how we may get involved. I would really appreciate it.
    Much Mahalo, Love and Respect,
    Chelsie R. Gordon

    • Aloha Chelsie,
      I am so glad you posted a response. The last reunion was 2010, Sept – Waimanalo, Oahu. The next Kauaua Reunion is scheduled to be held in Hilo 2012. If you would like to participate, a planning commitee will meet on July 30th, 2011 at Wailoa Park in Hilo, all interested parties are encouraged to attend.

      I am also from the Kamaka/Kuhaulua line, daughter Kailaa/Kunukau. A new website will be constructed in June for Kauaua Reunion 2012, to keep family members updated. I can contact you if you have a secure email address.


  6. Aloha,

    I am very interested in attending the Kauaua Reunion next year. I really need help in finding my family line. My great grand dad was Kalei. My grandmother was named Lucy Kalei, she died 1953. My dad is Clarence Ariola. I did attended 2 reunion several years ago but I could not get the information of my grandmodther, her dad and mom. Can anyone share this information. I need to put all this information for my daughter who will perpetuate our Hawaiian lineage. I will be bringing her to the next reunion. Malaho for your help.
    In 1965, my dad went to Maui to his last aunty’s funeral–Mary Kalei Naauauo.

  7. Aloha Ohana Kauaua,

    Upon research of my geneology (Kamaka/Kuhaulua), I’m ecstatic on discovery I have made on Ohana Kauaua website. It is with deep interest to be a part of Ohana Kauaua Reunion 2012.

    My name is Jackie Hamilton (Sinenci), my mother is Josephine Sinenci, my grandmother is Caroline Benton (Kuhaulua), and my great grandparents William Kuhaulua and Mary Kukahiko (Ulupalakua).

    Born and raised on Maui, growing up I’ve been blessed to have shared precious moments with our Kupuna Anake Kapeka Morton, Anake Cecilia Freeman, Anake Emily Mahuna, Anakala Charlie Mahuna, Anake Hattie Piltz, Anakala Adolf Piltz, Anake Ester Campbell, Anakala George Naganuma, Anake Jeanette Speelman, Anake Daisy Uweko’olani, Anakala David Ka’alakea and many more Kupuna that are now passed.

    I’m currently living in Holualoa, Hawai’i and would love to attend July’s ohana meeting. Can you please keep me posted?

    Mahalo Nui for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon! Mahalo Ke Akua for your blessings! Aloha, Jackie

  8. aloha my name is Maylin Akahi (Lau)

    My grand mother’s name is Elizabeth Hoomalu Cossey. My father name is Daniel Ah Lun Lau. please keep us inform with the updates on family reunion. i will keep you folks up dated with my family information. Aloha Maylin

    • Aloha Maylin,
      So glad you left a message. The new website for Kauaua 2012 Reunion in Hilo is posted above your memo. Stay in touch, we update the site monthly. Reunion is scheduled in July 2012. Genealogy is a very important event at the reunion.

  9. Aloha,

    My name is Kona Keala-Quinbao.

    I grew up in Kanaio, on Maui in Honuauala. My family (Uwekoolani and Poaipuni are still living in the place where our ancestors were born.

    I have been doing research on my family line and it has led me to this site. I have many names as far back as Kahalau kauaua and haaolu, but I am not sure if these are direct links to my line. Some places that I have seen the names have changed and I feel I am guessing at the connections. If there is any information that can help me to connect to a Poaipuni or Uwekoolani, or moanaliha, or Pahaa that would be great.

    mahalo to everyone for taking care of this ike.

    Mahalo a nui,


    • Aloha Kona,

      You and I definitely come from the line of Kauaua. Kauaua (Kane) Born: 1786 married Kamaka Kauaiokalani (Wahine) Born: 1788. They have 5 children from first to last: Papai, Kamaka, PuuPuu, Apikahie and Maeloa. The first 2 children as described above Papai and Kamaka were born in Kanaio, Maui. But as for the rest of the siblings I am not sure. We come from the line of Apikahie K. Kauaua (Wahine) and Keaumiki (Kane). I’ll e-mail you more in detail in your inbox.

      • Aloha kāua,

        Forgive me for the late response. I am a graduate student at the University of Hawaiʻi, and I came across this thread while doing geneology research. My great-great-grandmother was Georgiana Poaipuni. Through her, I have found that I am a descendant of Kelii-o-Nahuawai Kauaua and Kauaiokalani through Puupuu. If you receive this message, I would love to connect and share information!

        Mahalo a nui,

        Kawena Elkington

  10. Aloha,
    My name is Cynthia Jean Leinaala Cruz-Johnson and my grandmother is Elizabeth-Mae Kapeka Pihana Morton. Although I have immediate access to her geneology books I decided to do my own research in hopes that I will be touched by the spirit. My first instinct was to google her name, which led me to this site. A simple sentence with her name has left me uplifted and I thank you for recognizing her and her love of geneology.

    Cynthia Cruz-Johnson

    • Aloha Cynthia,
      Your Grandmother certainly is one of the major influences our Ohana Kauaua on Oahu is still very active. I am fortunate as well to have access to the genealogy books which your grandmother help create and my mother always purchased for her children. It is because of this dedication of our Kupunas who passed on and those who are still with us that the next Ohana gathering on the Big Island in 2012 will happen. Come and join us in Hilo. I now realize it is a legacy we can share with a generation who may not have been so fortunate as ourselves.
      Mahalo, Mae

  11. Aloha Ohana Kauaua,

    My name is Edward Kaiwi Morton Jr., My mom and dad were Elizabeth Kapeka, and Edward (Ned) Kaiwi Morton. I am so happy to see this web site, I noticed that my neice Cynthia Cruz-Johnson (TiTa-Lei), had found this site also. My mom would be very happy to see how our Ohana is moving forward and being close keeping in-touch with every one. God Bless all of my Ohana, until we meet again.

    Mahalo Nui,


    • Aloha Edward,

      Your mother left all of us a wonderful legacy and it is because of her and our other kupunas that we are dedicating the 2012 reunion in Hilo. Please come if you are able to travel to Hilo. We would love to meet your family. Our mission is to carry on the legacy our Kupunas left us.

      We have all the information on the website: “www.kauauaohanareunion2012.com”

      Mahalo, Mae

  12. Dearest Ohana,
    My name is Lanalei Wise and my immediate family is in California. We are planning on coming a would like to know how much is costs to attend the reunion. My father is Milton(Micky) Wise, his father was William Howard Wise, whose father was Alonzo Wise, whose mother was Rebecca Akeo. My Mother and Father had four children including me, Wanda Latta of La Quinta, CA., Winifred Poluschuk of San Diego, CA. Milton Jr. of Raleigh, North Carolina, and myself Lanalei Wise of San Diego. We are all trying to make the reunion, since we feel this is a major lifetime event for us all. Can anyone contact me about how much its going to cost to all the events? my email is lanaleiwise@yahoo.com or my cell phone is 858-583-1483. Mahalo, and hope to hear from someone. I am also going to contact Nani Wise, and cuz Billy boy Wise. Be hearing from you all soon…. a hui ho

  13. Hello, or Mahalo! I found your site today and am just tickled 🙂 My husband is a descendant of Kamaka from what I can find online! I’m having a hard time being sure about the line of ancestry, since I can only find one site that actually follows it. His great great grandmother’s name was Sarah Kalai Mitsuhashi (found on a death certificate of her child/my husband’s great grandfather), whom I found on FamilySearch. That lists her mother as Piipiilani Kunukau, and her grandmother as Kaailaa Kuhaulua, who is supposedly one of Kamaka’s children. Can anyone confirm this for me? This is all so interesting to me – my husband has paperwork saying he’s of hawaiian descent, but never knew where the hawaiian blood worked into his family. Thank you for any help you can offer, I’m putting together a family tree for my husband and children and this is excellent help!

    • Aloha Emily,

      We can confirm your husbands’ lineage from:

      Kelii-o-nahuawai Kauaua (b 1756, Hawaii, d 1786 Maui) married Kauiaiokalani Kana’e (b1746, Hawaii, d 1828 Maui), 5 children

      1 – Papai, husband Job Piena

      2 – Kamaka, husband John Kamakee Kuhaulua: daughter, Kailaa, (1830-1901) husband Kunukau Kualii (aka) Kunukau,4. daughter Piipiilani, husband Kakujiro Mitsuhashi

      3 – Puupuu, wife Kalino Kailipoaiau
      4 – Apuakahei, husband Kahui-o-Keaumiki
      5 – Moeloa, husband Mataio Kaivi (Kaiwi)

      My grandmother, Thelma Lucy Kunukau was pure Hawaiian, her father was Keoki Kunukau the 2nd child of Kailaa and brother to Piipiilani.

      website: http://www.Kauauaohanareunion2012.com in Hilo
      Hope this helps!

  14. Aloha,
    My name is Latu Moa and I strongly believe that I am a descendant of Ai PuuPuu Imua-Onakealo-Ona-Ali’i. I have here, that his son David Nahuawai Kaaikala had a daughter named Lizzie Kaaikala, she’s my great-great grandmother. I would really love to get to know my family.. I have taken the responsibility to try to complete the genealogy that we have home here, and I just need some help on finding out more information that I cannot access…can someone help me?

  15. Aloha my name is Wenda Kuamo’o-Castro, according to my palapala my ‘ohana’s line come of of Job Piena. I would love to attend the reunion and learn as much as I can about the ‘ohana. My birth parents died when I was really young, and trying to do my moku’auhau is a definite challenge, yet rewarding at the same time. Any information you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

  16. Aloha my name is Larry Duque and my mama’s name was Anna Nuuanu Paihinui. My grandmother was Elizabeth Makaaha Manuia. My aunty Meehala Hubbard have been going to the reunions but I would like to one day take over our ohana heritage. Great website on the upcoming reunion next month. I will not be able to make it but look forward to the next one. Please keep me updated on future events.
    A hui hou, malama pono!

    • Aloha Larry,
      Ah too bad you cannot make the Hilo reunion, So glad you will take over the family lineage and enjoyed the website. We do know that the next reunion will be on Maui 2014. Try to plan for that one, it’s always a winner.

  17. Aloha,
    My name is Kuulei (Benevides) Reyes. I am the daughter of Mary Wahinehaaheo (Jeremiah) Benevides and granddaughter of John Jeremiah and Mary Mutch. I have paperwork that was passed on to me from the 1990 Reunion that my aunt Katherine Lono (my mom’s sister) attended in Maui. I’m hoping to connect with family members that I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet and pass this legacy on to my children. I’ve sent an email with additional information to amhilo6091@yahoo.com. Enjoy this year’s reunion and I hope to meet everyone in 2014.

  18. Does anyone know who was Kelii O Nahuawai parents?

  19. If Nahuawai and Kauiokalani is his parents where is to connect to Kauauanuiamahi?

  20. Attend Kauaua reunion scheduled in 2014 on Maui. Genealogy information will be available. Check Kauaua website for dates and time.

    • Who is Nahuawai parents? In the book The Ruling Chiefs Nahuawai’s genealogy is messed up. There is some people missing between Kauauanuiamahi and Kelii O Nahuawai Kauaua. Kauauanuiamahi died long before Kelii was born.

    • Aloha Mae,
      Please add me to email list. I am descendant of Moeloa and Mataio Kaiwi on my grandmother Rebecca Wainee (Kaiwi) Morton side.

      My email address is:

      M. Pualani Kamaunu Basbas

    • Aloha! My name is Rodney Keahi, & I have been trying to research my Keahi name for some time now.I strongly believe I come from Kahale-o-kaia KAIWI who is the son of Moeloa KA-UAUA & MATAIO KAIVI (aka) KAIWI. Can someone please help to make the connection? Mahalo Nui!!!

  21. Go to: http://www.kauauamaui.com/ for more info on Kauaua Maui 2014 Reunion — hurry and register!

  22. Kauaua Ohana – the next Ohana Reunion will be held on Oahu, July 15,16 & 17th 2016 at Kahana Valley. For those who are interested in attending the event please call Don Flaminio at 808-523-1048 for registration applications. Don was there at the beginning when the Ohana was first organized, so he has a wealth of information about our kupunas.

  23. Aloha Ka-uaua Ohana– I’m Elizabeth (Ruby) Kaluna Ho’omalu Cossey
    daughter who would like to connect with the ohana to get information about our kupunas. the last reunion that I went to was in Maui back in the late 90’s. I’ve lost contact since my mother past away. I’m sorry that I just missed the July reunion. Please contact me by my email address nanileikalunahoomalu@yahoo.com

    • Aloha Nani,

      Next reunion will be on the island of Kauai (1st time) June 2018. Still posted for the dates and place by June 2018.


  24. Aloha, I’m from the Puupuu line. I’m currently looking for descendants of David Nahuawai Ka’aikala’s youngest children that go by the names David Apakeneko ‘Aikala, Lizzie Ka’aikala, or Lilia Ka’aikala. If you re descended from this line please contact me at: momishells@msn.com

    Mahalo e na ‘ohana Kauaua,

    Momi Subiono

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