Fragments of Hawaiian History, John Papa Ii


A book by John Papa Ii. I cannot find out as a free download. Sorry, I tried even for myself. I do know the book contains lots of genealogy and is for sale at Amazon. Please be aware that when you purchase a book from this wordpress blog through Amazon I make a commission because I’m an associate. I just wanted to let you know in case you have someone else, a family member, that’s also an associate you can purchase through them as well.

Also, if you go to the Latter Day Saint’s (LDS) Family History Center I believe they have a copy of this book and will copy the information for you. It’s like 10cents a copy or something like that.


Fragments of Hawaiian History as Recorded By John Papa Ii


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  1. […] Fragments of Hawaiian History, John Papa Ii […]

  2. I found a free download for “Fragments of Hawaiian History” by John Papa i’i at:

    The above is a direct link to the PDF as linked from Family Search on their page located here:

    (See the red highlighted note: “To view a digital version of this item click here” located on the above page and you can access the PDF through their site)

    Mark Miller

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