Research Methods

Following this page will be the different methods I use to research genealogy. It is time consuming and one must be patient and determined to research.

Here is the list with a sub page:

Family Search – Latter Day Saints (LDS)


3 Responses

  1. If you have any reletionship to the KALIMAPEHU family please contact me.

    • Hi,
      I stumbled across this while surfing the internet for my relatives related to the Kalimapehu family
      My name is Bruce Hart. My great-grandfather was Henry Kaleikapu Kalimapehu, 1883-1947?. My grandfather was William Kalimapehu Bray Sr.

  2. Aloha Kakou!

    If anyone has information about the Kalaeloa, Ehu, Kealohapauole or Hia’a Ohanas would you please contact me? Mahalo nui loa!

    Best wishes to all as you journey on your ohana search.

    Me ke aloha Pumehana,

    ~Lehua Greenman ~2/10/12

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