Kinimaka Family Website

The Kinimaka Family Website is a site where the Kinimaka family connects ohana from all over the world sharing photographs, stories, and history.

If you are a Kinimaka this is the site for you to connect with the rest of your ohana.

There is also a family reunion coming up in July 2009 in Kauai which promises to be a well worth attend.


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    • January 26, 2013

      Aloha Kimo

      My name is Kimo also, but family and friends mostly call me Jimmy, however, I answer to either. My full name is James Allen Keaweualani Kinimaka.

      I just happen to come across your response which was posted on the Alii Mahele website in Oct 2011, and here it is January 26, 2013, today, I actually stumbled on this website, first time. I’m glad (and incredibly lucky) to have found your postings considering the massive volume of Hawaiian names shown on these pages. its always wonderful to learn that another Kinimaka exists in the world. You mentioned that your Mom is part of the Kinimaka family, and I would be interested to learn more about her and her lineage to our ohana. Could you please ask your Mom from what Kinimaka bloodline or Kinimaka descendant she originates from? For instance, my family descends from David Leleo Kinimaka who is the son of Keawemahi.

      If you haven’t done so, you can view Kinimaka Ohana briefings on our website, entitled “Kinimaka Ohana Reunion 2013”. In fact, you and your family are cordially invited tor attend our next family reunion this coming July 2013 in Honolulu. Full details of this event is posted on the Kinimaka website. Where do you and your family call home…in Hawaii or elsewhere?

      Kimo, I enjoyed making this contact with you and hope to hear more from you and/or your Mom and how much we have in “genealogical” common.

      Aloha no,

    • Aloha! I remember aunt Maili Kinimaka of Niihau came to visit my mom Lottie, the daughter of Lottie Ka. That was so many years ago and I remember her sweet face. She used to play in Magnum PI as a maid. Aloha!

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