KANEHAILUA No Award Found or R.P.G.

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KANEHAILUA No Award Found or R.P.G.


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  1. On Kanehailua:
    The Kanehailua I descend from is a son of Kupono n Nakuaihaaweawe of Kalaoa, N. Kona and Moeauoa in Keopu, N. Kona..and yes..he was awarded. Info on hand. May have been other than the Kona area.

    • I am a descendant of KAOHIWAII KUPONO II married NAKUIHAAWEAWE. Next KANEHAILUA KAPONO married NALU MAKUA KAHANANUI. Next WAHINEKAPU KANEHAILUA married LAHAPA KUIKE. Next my great tutu wahine KALOPI WAHINEKAPU married John LEWIA KEKAPA (PILIKINO/PILIKIANO). Next my tutu Elizabeth KAAHULANI KEKAPA married Andrew HALALU (PAUOLE). Next my mom KAIA HALALU baptised Beatrice.
      Doing genealogy and would like to connect the dots of the ohana.

      • Aloha…ohana…I am the gr8granddaughter of Kanehailua Kupono and Nalu Makua. I live in Waianae. I remember a late cuzn of ours, Louella Barella who was very close with my late sister Ella Kalawa Alcon. I would like to meet you personally so we can discuss and/or share information on this. I don’t know your genealogy but have the rest of the Kupono data…willing to share, meet etc.

    • Aloha my name is john ahu kahaleiwi kanehailua I’am a decendants of samuel david kanehailua born 1861 he married lydia lu’ukia kaholoholo one of thier children name was Ernest ka’opua kanehailua which married Meliaka Mana and one of thier was wilson kanehailua which married hannah kahaleiwi and they are my parents I would like to know more of info on connecting family’s if possible I live in alaska much mahalo and godbless ohana family…..

      • This message is for John Ahu Kahaleiwi Kanehailua. I believe we may be related. I was told as a child by my grandfather that we were related to Ernest Kanehailua ohana. Your name Ahu is also a connection to my family. My great grandmother’s name is Margaret Goo Ahu.

      • Aloha John. I am also a descendant of Ernest Kanehailua and Meliaka Mana. My grandmother is Leialoha Kanehailua. Trying to trace back my family tree. Could use your help if possible. Mahalo

  2. Plz go on facebook and connect to me..mahalo nui.

    • Mary Akana: So nice of you to share your info with ohana. Mahalo. I’m going to ask if you referring to aunty Margaret Wong formerly of Kaimuki? She calls my dad cousin but I never did know how. I am a great granddaughter of Kanehailua Kupono and Nalu Makua of Kalaoa, N. Kona. their daughter, Mokihana (my grandma) had 3 husbands, 1. Kaneapua, 2. Kalawa, and 3. LumHo. does this sound familiar with you? I met aunty Margaret in the early 60’s when she came to see my dad, Opukahaia John Kalawa. She spoke of her ohana Ahu, but not sure of the Kanehailua (of Kona) lines, My grandmother’s brothers are Wahinekapu and Kauinui. I ask only if you want to share. Let me thank you in advance. Mahalo nui.

  3. wow..didn’t realize I was away from here over a year ago…kala mai ia’u…this is for John Ahu Kahaleiwi Kanehailua. Someone shared your genealogy with me not too long ago..you are of the Kanehailua and Kanekoa line of North Kohala. Many years ago, I met your aunt Martha Keliikuli whose son Liloa md. my sis in law, Florence. I asked her (your aunt) if her Kanehailua was of mine from Kona, and she said no, there is no connection since they are out of Kohala. over the years, the lands issue in Kona took a turn for the courts and there was a John Kanehailua who entered the case. This John came from the Kohala ohana line and he may have had the genealogy on hand to be used in that court case. Maybe you can get in touch with him and you can have a closure or find what you’re lookin for..this John’s wife was a Louise…that’s all I know. Doing Ohana Genealogy for a long time, I try not to come to conclusions and say “no. we not related” until I have done research. At present, we find it’s necessary to be as thorough as possible when we document our finds to leave for na keiki…good luck on your search..and keep connected..I will share with you whatever I find….much aloha .. nt waikahekahe/flo tabag

  4. Aloha John, Please contact me through my email (jwolfgramm@gmail.com). I know the line you are talking about. My grandfather is Ernest Ka’opu Kanehailua II (I believe Wilson’s brother), who is the son of Ernest Ka’opua Kanehailua who married Meliaka. I believe I know Uncle John Kanehailua and Aunty Louise that flo tabag is talking about. However, Aunty Louise recently passed away. My father has done geneology with our family and perhaps we can help you with yours. Aloha, Nita

  5. for John Kanehailua, it has been awhile since I used this page..but I do have info on your great grandma Luukia…connecting her to the Kamehameha I line…another thing I learned is that my dad’s mother Mokihana is the daughter of Kanehailua,( son of Kupono and Nakuaihaaweawe) and Nalu Makua both of Kalaoa, N. Kona…so they are my greatgrand parents. Tutu Luukia Kaholoholo md. Sam David Kanehailua, then he md. one of the Bell girls…Ernest md Meliaka Mana, after he passed, aunty Meliaka md. a Kenao…the connections to Edith Kenao Kanakaole. My dad’s brother was hanai by John H. Kamaunu and his wife Naai, who was from your Kanehailua line..uncle was born Kamaunu Kalawa and later legally changed his name to John Kamaunu Jr.along with uncle, another hanai was Lahela Kanehailua who md. a chinese guy.. and then, my dad’s sister was hanai by the Eldredge ohana of N. kohala also..her name is Leihulu who md. a John Kuaana…these are the names I come across in the researches, I do believe we have a connection (with great respect to your line), and I see a pattern…I do hope these will help you find use to fill the gaps in your line…I do share all info if you are interested…the most important is the Kamehameha line descendant info .. and then the rest…I am on facebook connect to me for your address, and I’d be honored to share with you..mahalo nui..nt flo.

    • Hi my name is Stacey Kanehailua ad far as my research goes we are related Kanehailua line is one the name through the generations was changed a couple times for reasons I won’t say on here. You can contact me at kanoe63@gmail.com mahalo ohana my Dad was Valentine Kanehailua Sr

    • Aloha, I am interested in learning more about the Kanehailua’s. I am a descendant of Lahela Kanehailua who was Hanai by John and Naai kamaunu. Been doing research, but goes nowhere

      • Aloha Tam, Lahela is the sister of Ernest Kaopua Kanehailua who md. Meliaka Mana both of N. Kohala. Lahela was hanai by John Kamaunu and Naai (Kanehailua) Kamaunu. My dad’s brother, born Kamaunu Kalawa also was hanai by tutu Kamaunu together with Lahela. Uncle Kamaunu legally changed his name to John Halaulani Kamaunu after tutu, uncle md. .Bella Tomy of the Kahalekauila ohana of N. Kohala, (she md. my other uncle Sonny / Sanchez Kalawa, divorced, and md. uncle John Kamaunu) this beautiful ohana line lives in Nanakuli (Zablan) now the descendants are the Jack Brown ohana..my first cuzn Lucille Kalawa/Kamaunu md. Jack Brown).

  6. Aloha Cousins,

    I am of the Kanehailua line from North Kohala. I am related to Lahela Kanehailua was Hanai to John H. and Naai Kamaunu. Indeed my great grandmother married a Chinese man named Tin Loy. I would love any information to continue my research on this line. I have taken the liberty of making connections to those who have left email addresses and fb info. Look forward to hearing from all of you. Tamara

    • Aloha Tamara! I too am a great granddaughter of Lahela Kanehailua and Chau Sing Loy. My Grandmother was Enkeao Lucy Chau, later known as Lucy Kahuanui. I would love to connect and share info. My fb is under Kal El (Kalei O’Kalani Elson)

  7. Clayton Pookela Kanehailua Ayau

  8. Kane Ha I Lua
    Man Of The Pit

  9. Aloha Flo,

    Yes you are referring to the same aunty Margaret Ahu Goo. I am her great granddaughter. I believe you know nephew Ernest who used to live with her. If you have any additional information about her family from Kona that would be great if you don’t mind sharing. All I remember is aunty Margaret and her son (my grandpa) used to mention the names Meliaka and Ernest Kanehailua.

  10. aloha Goo ohana…I met nt Margaret when we moved to Oahu from Hawaii island..still doing research on how she and my dad are cousins..did u no a Henry Akona and Lily Keka of Kailua Kona? Mahalo.

  11. Aloha,
    I’m starting to do genealogical research, and I would like to know if anyone knows any additional information to what I have.
    I know that the Kanehailua I am from, is from North Kohala. The farthest I’ve gone is that I am a descendent of Samuel David Kanehailua, who married Lydia Lu’ukia Kaholoholo. They then had my great grandfather, Ernest Ka’opua Kanehailua who married Meliaka Mana. Then having my grandfather, Clement Kanehailua.

    I would like to know if anyone has any information on my great grandmother, Meliaka Mana’s family. Or, any information going further about the Kanehailua’s. Mahalo everyone.

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