Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates

You can order the above certificates through the State of Hawaii (de facto) Dept. of Health – Vital Records

The fee for the first copy is $10.00 and any additional copies of the same record is $4.00.

If you don’t have any luck finding a Delayed Birth Certificate (DBC) record a Family History Center – LDS you can order it through this department. Just copy the all the information you find at LDS and send a letter with that information along with payment. I’m sorry, I can’t remember how much I paid.

When you fill in the order form put as much of the names as possible on the form. That way you don’t have to order under one name, that one come’s back with a “No Record” then you have to order another one with another name, etc. If you don’t understand what I’m saying just comment please.

Click here —–>>>>> Hawaii State Department of Health

Click the following links for pdf order forms that you can fill out on the computer, print, and send in with your money.

Request for certified copy of birth record

Request for certified copy of death record

Request for certified copy of marriage record

Request for certified copy of divorce record


7 Responses

  1. Hi, I have been searching the free resources to try to find some of my relatives. I have pretty good Mossman ohana info that I can access but I’m stuck trying to find more info about my Dad’s Mom. He was Thomas Mellish Mossman 1 and his mother was Rebecca Mellish. Her mother was Ruth Nahale & her father as Peter John Mellish. Peter’s father was Joseph Mellish & mother was Betsy Mahi. I believe they were from Kohala but Joseph may have been from England or?,. Do you know of anyone descended from Ruth Nahale or Joseph Mellish or Betsy Mahi? Mahalo!

  2. Hi Tim,
    So good to meet you! Anything that you have relating to our lineage would be wonderful!
    The family has a lot on the descendants of the Mossman/Mellish union but not the Mellsh or Nahale branches before or after my grandparents got married. I just remember seeing a photo of Rebecca Mellish when I was a kid and she was so beautiful. I’m fascinated with her side of the family.
    Do you live in HI? My cousins Cathy and Godfrey Kaonohi in Kaneohe have lots of info. I live in SC now.
    I look forward to sharing our heritage with you.

    • Hi Kalyani – Thanks for your reply. The thread on this discussion board was old so I’m glad that you saw my note.

      How are you related to TR and Rebecca? Edith was my grandmother. Although my wife and I happened to have visited Honolulu just a couple of weeks ago, I live in the northeast, where my father moved after college.

      I would be happy to share the genealogical info that I’ve got. I have limited information on the Mellish side – I have some information 2 generations past Rebecca, and a bit more information on the Mossman side. My e-mail is

  3. I’m not sure when the DOH rules changed but now you need to provide your birth certificate and all the certificates (birth, death or marriage) up to the person that you are requesting. For example I need my great, great grandmothers certificate, so DOH says provide your birth certificate up to your great great grandmother to show your relation. I was adopted at birth in 1968 and those records are sealed. I have no way to prove my connection. If you have any ideas how I can get my records un-sealed or a way to get my original birth certificate can you please let me know?
    Mahalo Nui,


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