Search Engines

I mostly use Google and Yahoo search engines. All you have to do, and you can get some amazing information this way, is key in the name you are researching.

Say you are looking for an ancestor with the name Kauauanuiamahi. Key it in like that and see what you can find, then key it in differently like this, Kauaua nui a mahi. You might find some different information, maybe not.

Say you are just given the name Kauaua. When you key that in the search engine will provide you with not only Kauaua but with all kinds of beginnings or endings. I always take all the names given and do a search on Ulukau, Family Search,, Waihona, and Google Books. Something to remember is similar locations. Ancestors, I found, did not keep still, they traveled from island to island. Never, never look for just the name that was given to you.

Sometimes I find records of ancestor’s talking about the days, who was who, what was what, in fact I’m reading one interesting one for someone I’m doing genealogy research for.

Later, I’ll provide those links for everyone.


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