Baibala – Bible in Olelo

Here are some free Baibala eBooks from Google Books. I was taught by Mahealani that the Hebrew and Hawaiian language is very similar. One of the Hawaiian Bibles was translated to Olelo directly from Hebrew but I don’t remember which one that is.

I’m giving links for 3 bibles, the New Testament also has the English translation.

Just remember what we were taught in class, English is a reduction of the Hawaiian Language therefore does not capture the whole meaning of a word or phrase that a Kanaka was conveying.

Here are the links:

Olelo No Ko Ke Akua Ano, a me na mea
1861, W.P. Alexander

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: Translated Out of
by Jean Frédéric Ostervald – 1860 – 727 pages

Ke kauoha hou a ko kakou haku e ola’i a Iesu Kristo
1902 –  The New Testament with English Translations


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