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    • My Grandmother is Mary Punahele Waipa. Her brother (my GrandUncle, Samuel Waipa Kealohapauole), is buried in Kalaupapa, Moloka’i. In my possession I have a list of 5,977 names out of the over 8,000 names of those in Kalaupapa. My pilgrimage is planned for March 22, 2016 I am going to pay my respects. I’ve put together a Book Of Rememberance. I have a few photos and family records from my Kealohapauole-Keomaka Ohana Genealogy Book. I wish you all prosperity and happiness and hope we get to know one another.
      O au iho no, a me ka mahalo, a me Kealohapauole,

      Nahale Napeahi
      Son of William Kainoakupuna Napeahi and
      Helen Kamanookalanipo Akana

      • Aloha Nahale, I just received an email notice regarding your family. I think you maybe able to shed some light on my family’s genealogy connected to yours. Is there a way I can speak with you, meaning if you are willing to give me your phone number or personal email address. My is I currently live in Las Vegas. I am from Honolulu. My grandmother is from Keaukaha. Many years ago I met a Mrs. Napeahi who knew my grandmother. I am wondering if you may be related to her, a lovely lady who is no longer alive.

      • My email:

      • My great grandma is Annie Kaholokahiki Carrillo. Is it brother of Samuel Waipa Kealohapau’ole (but related)?

        Learning more about the family tree. Are we related?? Who was your grandma or grandpa??

      • I would love to hear about your pilgrimage. I just found out Samuel was my Great Grandfather. I would love to hear how we are related and most of all his story. Please contact me 619-251-5090.

      • Aloha Jasmine. I don’t know how much information you have, but I’ll be glad to share with you provided I can confirm your relationship to us. Feel free to email me at I wait to hear from you! then I can pass you what documents I have in my possession. With much regards and Aloha……Nahale

        On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 3:20 AM, Kanaka Genealogy wrote:

        > jasminemcone commented: “I would love to hear about your pilgrimage. I > just found out Samuel was my Great Grandfather. I would love to hear how we > are related and most of all his story. Please contact me 619-251-5090.” >

      • Aloha no, Nahale Napeahi, my name is Kui Lan and I am a descendant of Pauole (k) and Papoko (w). My grandfather is Mitchell Pauole of Hoolehua, Molokai born 10/1888 Kauai, married to Gertrude Reddington Harvey of Honolulu born 8/1888. Grandfather Michelle moved to Molokai in the early 1920’s and was one of the first Hawaiian home residents along with about 40 other Hawaiians. He built his own home along with my grandmother. I’ve done the Pauole genealogy from 1803 to present; and I’m still searching for anyone beyond 1803.
        I’ve found documents of both Pauole and Papoko born Hawaii but don’t know what island. Most of the Kealohapauole ohana is from Kau, Hawaii. But then I’ve been told of a chief Pauole in Maui and that he escaped the wrath of Kamehameha and his chiefs by sailing to Kauai along with many other Hawaiian ancestors who escaped to survive the cruelty of the King and his chiefs. I’ve heard of Pauole ohana originally came from Maui and their different family from the Kealohapauole ohana. I’m still searching for them my lost ancestors.
        Mahalo for your post. Me Kealohapauole Kui Lan Pauole Watanabe
        PS: My grandfather mentioned that the okina is not in our Pauole name.

    • Aloha everyone,
      My name is Dustin. I’m trying to get some information from my grandfathers side that I”vet never met. His name is Timothy Kealohapauole. His father was Samuel Waipa Kealohapauole. Not sure what happened but I found Timothy was adopted by Solomon Ikaika. But I believe he was also taken care of by his grandmother Helen Kealohapauole. Anyone can give some information that would be very helpful.


      • Hi, I just stumble on this. My Aunty Debbie has shared with my sister that your grandfather Timothy was samuel waipa Kealohapauole’s son. My grandfather is James kimo Kealohapauole. I know that he wanted to meet my grandfather but he refused. I’m not sure if he had him while he was still wed to Annie Kealohapauole or when he was on Molokai. Is your grandfather still alive?

  1. Aloha,my grandma is Helen KealohapauoleWaipa from Keaukaha married to my grandpa Enos Kepo’o my father is Roger Enos Kepo’o..

    • My great grandmother is Annie Kalaeloa and have found that Henry Kealohapauole is somehow related to her. Do you have any information that you can share? Mahalo.

      • Aloha Ernestina!

        I am interested in learning more about your ohana. My grandfather was Henry Kalaeloa. He married my Tutu, Esther Luukia Hia’a Kalihiokalani in early 1900. I have just begun to do some geneology work. Perhaps we can help each other on our “discovery journey”.

        With warm aloha,


      • Ernestina, I may have some information for you. please send me your email address.

      • Aloha Ernestina Medeiors Malone,
        I just read your note that your Grandmother was Annie Kalaeloa, and that Henry Kealohapauole were blood relatives. Lets talk we might be family. Mahalo, Leilehualani

      • Henry is my grandmothers father. grandmother was born in Keaukaha kai . Email me Aloha. We talk.

      • Aloha Nui Loa, I would like to hear from you, At Leilehualanikane@gmail .com regarding your grandmother and Henry Kealohapauole.Let’s share.

      • Aloha, please call or gmail me or (808)699-5003 and leave a contact phone number, My grandfather was Henry Kealohapauole Kealaeloa also fron Keaukaha. Lets compare our notes and find our blood (KoKo) Mahalo Nui Loa, Leilehualani K. Kane

      • Mahalo to the love ones of kealohapauole call me if you are bloodline you may reach me at or call 808 636-9161. My grandfather was Henry Kealohapauole Kalaeloa of Keaukaha Hawaii, he married Esther Luukia Kaluhiokalani. My mother was born in Waikeakai, Hilo Hawaii in 1922. Her name was Leilani Hiaa Kalaeloa. Lets talk and learn more about our kupuna’s and have an interchange of encouragement, Mahalo Nui Loa.

      • Aloha,
        Annie was my grandfathers sister, we are family on my maternal side, its been a while now since I’ve opened this site let us talk. Mahalo Nui

      • Aloha,my name is kuulei my grand father was henry kealohapauole kalaeloa.I could be contacted at ( ) A Tribute to my mother leilani kalaeloa can be found at web link/ Hawaiis mamaloa legacy of her life .com / its best to view this web link by computer not the phone. Mahalo Nui Loa

    • Aloha Nui Loa,
      I’ve been looking for the family of Helen KealohapauoleWaipa from Keaukaha. Please try and contact me if possible. My grandparents and your grandparens knew oneanother, I think they were close blood realitives. Lets compare notes… With Much Mahalo, Kealoha Nui Loa


    • Aloha, lets talk

    • Please contact ( Mahalo, May Jehovah God our Creator of the Heavens and the Earth Bless your efforts, In His sons name Jesus Christ our Reigning King and May his Holy Spirit guide us”Amen” We maybe Famiy. (Kealohapauoli)

    • Aloha contact me on my daughter’s gmail or call (808)699-5003 call After 8pm. Mahalo! My name is Leilehualani my grandfather was also from Hilo, Henry Kealohapauole Kalaeloa. Lets compare our notes and “Jehovah God “willing we’ll find oneanother, Aloha Nui Koa!

    • Aloha. I have been trying for a while now to contact family member’s of Helen Waipa kep’oo. Please may you contact me at 699-5003 area code 808. Mahalo

    • I apologize, it’s been a long time since I’ve been on this website.
      my email:

      • Aloha, been reviewing my respondance and read this comment and would love to respond to your note. call or email at the same address 808 699-5003 or Mahalo Nui Loa

    • Hi Pua,

      I just happened to run into this thread. I was looking for Uncle Enos Kepo’o, Jr.’s obituary info.

      So ironic that we just had the Kepo’o Ohana Reunion this past wknd.

      Love you,
      Stella Marie Jacang Kepo’o

  2. Chiefess KEALOHA I birth: Kalalau,Kauai md. Chief PAU’OLE birth: Niihau but,known as district Chief of Hanalei,Kauai.They had a daughter KEALOHA II a.k.a Ke’aloha’pau’ole” .
    Chiefess KEALOHA I when she moved to Oahu and made her home she was known as Mrs.Kealoha Pau’ole.
    Hope this helps anyone who is searching for your identity.

  3. I am so happy to here this, please call 808 636-6781 lets talk.

  4. My father’s name is Larry Camino. I was told he was adopted and his birth name was kealohapauole. That is all I know about my dads family. I would love to meet and get to know my family. If anyone could help me. Thank you

  5. my name is larrilyn fernande canonio. my father is larry canonio. according to him his parents passed when he was young and the only last name that i was told was kealohpauole. if anyone can help me i would like to get to know my family. if you can email me at or call me at (520)280-6880

    • Aloha I believe you are the family of my grandmother lois and grandfather Charles my father John Kane kealohapauole and his siblings told of uncle Larry canonio….there is only one uncle left his name is Matson makekona kealohapauole…

  6. Looking for ohana…in my family we have the name Kealohapauole…I’m trying to figure out how we r related.
    I am also related to Kame’examine Waipa.
    Any information will be most helpful.
    Thank you…Leona Toler.

  7. Looking for ohana…in my family we have the name Kealohapauole…I’m trying to figure out how we r related.
    I am also related to Kame’eiamoku Waipa.
    Any information will be most helpful.
    Thank you…Leona Toler.

  8. Aloha,
    I am the great granddaughter of Mitchell Pauole. Ive been doing geneology for years and would like to know if anyone has any information about him and John Papoko. I would like to know where John Papoko is from and the names of his parents. Please help!!

    • Who is this? You’re a great granddaughter of my grandfather Mitchell. Tell me who is your father or mother? Aloha, kui Lan Pauole Watanabe

  9. Im not sure. I have never met any of my dads side family

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