Kinney Ohana Reunion Survey

The Kinney Ohana Reunion Survey

A preliminary planning committee get together at Erin Kinney’s residence was held on October 11, 2007 to evaluate the interest and scope of having a Kinney Ohana Reunion scheduled for the year 2010.  The general desire was to gather the descendents of WILLIAM KINNEY II (born Apr 15, 1832; arrived in Hawaii before 1868).  Known children: William Ansel Kinney, Minnie Kinney.  Kihapiilani William Kinney.  Henry William Kinney.  Clarence William Kinney.  Joseph Kinney, Robbins Kinney, George Kinney, Orpha Kinney, David Kinney, Oliver Kinney, Ray Kinney.  Please take a little time out of your busy schedule to fill out the information and mail to the undersigned by Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Would you be interested in attending?        Yes________  No________

  1. How many would attend?        ________

3.   We have reserved Kuhio Hale, in Waimea on the Big Island.

  1. It was available the last weekend in July 2010.  (Thu., July 29 – Sun., Aug 1, 2010)

  1. How many days?              _________

Fri – Sun Thu – Sun

Name Home Phone

Address C-Phone 

City/State/ZIP E-mail


Parents                      __________________________________________________________________

Grandparents            __________________________________________________________________

Great Grandparents __________________________________________________________________

Kupuna Advisors:     Kiha Kinney, Orpha Kinney Kaina

Co Chairmen:            DeAnn Kaina, Silla Kaina, Erin Kinney Lindsey

Secretary:                   Kristen Lindsey Ganancial

Treasurer:                  Yoko Lindsey


Activities/Workshops           Entertainment         ________Registration

Finance          Transportation         Lodging/Accommodations

______ T shirt            _______ Photography           ______ Planning        _______ Food

Please kokua and help cover the mailing and printing expenses. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Mahalo

Mail Survey to:          DeAnn Kaina                           

5080 – I Hanawai St.                                     808 669-8191

Lahaina, Hawaii  96761                    Fax:    808 669-8220


30 Responses

  1. My grandfather was Bernard Kinney but he is not listed as a family member.I am interested in coming to the reunion.Please Email me with info.Mahalo

  2. Aloha,thank you for replying to my note.I am not good at the computer so I don’t know how to respond correctly so please keep me posted.Thank you very much,

  3. Hi both my sister and I would be interested in attending and at least staying in touch. My name is Donna Mililani Kahaulani Kinney Marich and my sister is Cathe Pomaikai Kinney Anderson. I live in Canton Ohio and my sister lives in Kawaihae Village Hawaii. Our Father was Francis A. Kihapiilani Kinney and his father was Bernard Kinney. Our Father sadly passed away on October 22, 2005, we miss him so much and would love to be in touch with other family members. My e-mail address is and my sister’s is, please feel free to e-mail us anytime. I will be returning to Ohio on May 27th and will contact you through our computer then. Thankyou with Aloha…Donna and Cathe

  4. Aloha, my name is Leigh Lani Kinney. My great grandfather is Clarence William Kinney and my grandfather is Clarence P Kinney. I would be interested in attending the family reunion to meet the Kinney ‘ohana since I only know the immediate family members from the Kinney clan.

    • Aloha Leigh, just fill out the survey and email to DeAnn so she can put you on the mailing list. Hope to see you there!

  5. Aloha my name is Kehau. my grandfather was David Kiaaina Kinney. my mother is one of 10 childred. Priscilla Ilima Picadura (Kinney). both my brother Myron and i would like to participate and attend along with our families this family reunion. please send me more info. i also have cousins in Maui that are also interested in attending, i will be looking forward to hearing from someone.

    • Hi Kehau, it’s me Yo-yo. You can email DeeAnn and she should have all the latest updates. Love You Cousin!

  6. aloha.
    I was wondering with your folks genealogy in place, would you be able to help me fill in the missing pieces of my genealogy?

    Me ke aloha,


    • Almost all Kinney’s are related and even people with variations of the name are related albeit distantly. There is a slew of genealogy information for Kinney and when I have more time I’ll be sure to share with you. Aloha!

  8. I’m not a Kinney, but Mr. (Robbins) Kinney hired me to landscape his property on Kaumana Dr. in, I guess, 1974. I was newly arrived in Hilo with a wife and infant son and was desperate for work. Mr. Kinney had gone to the mainland to get married and in his absence the yard had become over grown. It took me months to straighten it up but I enjoyed the experience because Mr. Kinney was one of the nicest people I have ever known. He had a great sense of humor and treated me and my family with great kindness. I met his brother ( I think it was David) and sister and they were also very welcoming, warm people. We moved back to the mainland after a year or so because my wife was quite homesick. I think about Mr. Kinney from time to time (which is why I Googled his name today) and wanted to say that knowing him is my fondest memory of the Big Island…Aloha

  9. ALOHA…my name is Martha-Mae Leinaala Fordyce. My mother was Mary Frances Kaiwiho’opilipili Kinney (born Nov 8,1913 in Hana, Maui; died June 1973 in Wahiawa, Oahu); my grandfather was Kihapiilani William Kinney. I am very interested in finding family and info to pass on to my nieces and nephews.

    Thank you for all your efforts!!!

  10. Aloha ..I have forwarded your email to Richard Souther in HOnolulu may already know him as he is doing extensive research on the Kinney famlies .

  11. My name is Regina Kinney, married to Raeder William Paakaua Kinney. His father is Clarence P. Kinney, son to William A. Kinney. We couldn’t make it to the reunion with regret. Is there a booklet of the Kinney geneology? Our family tree….Clarence P. Kinney married to Florence K. Yim, had 3 children. Orpha, Raeder and Oliver

    • There were books available at the reunion. I will check with Aunty Orpha and see if there are anymore ~

  12. My husband’s family, after a probate, found that they were related to a Minnie Kinney. We have no information whatsoever to offer but have the utmost, humble desire, to find more info on any of our family members. His mother, Isabelle Kahue, never mentioned her family members, so nothing was every recorded. If we are related, we would love to know…it is our resonsibility, to know, to pass on. Was Minnie or her family members every in the Kipahulu area on Maui? That is most of the info I have.

    • Minnie Kinney is sister to William Ansel Kinney, the attorney who helped to overthrow the lawful Hawaiian government, Queen Liliuokalani. Minnie and William Ansel are 1/2 siblings to Kihapiilani William Kinney my great grandfather.

  13. Hello. My name is Katrina Sayuri Bragado, formerly Katrina Sayuri Kinney. I am the daugther of Bernard Kalei’nani Kinney Jr. and granddaugther of Bernard Kalei’nani Kinney Sr. I wanted to know more about my ancestors. If someone could please contact me, I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is:

  14. Aloha Everyone,

    My name is Eloise Kanani Ah Yet/Slaton, daughter of Joseph Kihapiilani Kinney/Ah Yet, son of Frances Kaiwho’opilipili Kinney/Fordyce. I saw this message because I was searching for information on my father. I have attached pictures of my dad and wondered if he is in this book of the Kinney’s. My father was raised by the Revernd Herbert and Annie Brewster. Please explain who the people in the pictures are. I have longed to know any information on my daddy. Marty is my father’s sister and made no mention of my dad. I will get in touch with her. I will appreciate anything you can tell me.


    • Aloha Kanani the picture didn’t show. We have a great group on facebook if you’d like to join with quite a few members from the Kihapiilani/Frances line if you’d like to join. The link is in my comment above. Hope to see you there or you can email the picture to me as an attachment and I’ll share it with the group 🙂 Your Aunty Marty is also a member.

  15. Aloha,my name is Cathe Pomaikai Kinney and my father was your Fathers uncle.My email address is and I would very much love to communicate with youI am sorry it took me so long to reply to your email but it is never to late to start.Aloha Cathe

  16. Hi Yo!

  17. Aloha,

    I am the great grandson of Joseph Kailimai Kinney(b.1888). I too, like so many others are trying to find connections and histories. My grandmother spoke of a “Kinney Family Book”, which she had a copy and loaned to another to which it was never returned. Has this booked been digitized? Does anyone have a copy? I hope there will be another reunion in the future. I have fond memories traveling with my grandmother (Emily Pilialoha Kinney) to Hilo to visit her aunt. Thanks for any information you can share. I have joined the facebook group as well.

    John M. (Cali)

  18. Aloha, although I am just down the street I am starving fir information about my grandfather Bernard Kinney. If this gets to anybody , please help!many Mahalos

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