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I’ve set the link above to English. If you read Olelo you can switch it at the site.

Ulukau has records of marriages, probates, naturalization, divorces, and ship records. Once you locate the name(s) you are researching you can order the record from Hawaii State Archives.

Ulukau also has the testimonials from the Mahale for Kauai and Lanai. Look under Mahalele Database.

The Hawaiian Newspapers is a wealth of information. That’s the only record I have of my great great grandma’s birth with her parents. You see my great grandma’s birth certificate her ethnicity is Part-Hawaiian when really she is pure Hawaiian. The names of her parents in the newspapers prove this.

You can also garner a lot of information in the Place Names section. Sometimes you can even key in a Royal Patent Number and it’ll show up with the name of the person the Royal Patent belongs to.

I use the Hawaiian dictionary extensively to translate some documents. It’s hard but if you’re diligent you can get it.

Ok that’s all for Ulukau for now.


10 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing.

    • This is what I have been searching for, for I too have a grandma ( me makua o ka lani) and she was pure Hawaiian yet when her birth records were altered when she was hanai after the death of her parents we suddenly have spanish decendants. Mahalo for the works of ulukau.
      The work ahead for us to all find our geneological claritiy is difficult mahalo for the ones that lay the foundation in palapala so that now we can search and find our ancestors and bring back the aloha we are instilled with.

  2. Hello overweight immigrant

  3. Hawaiians are fat fuckers look like fat cows

  4. Thank you for this site. I hope it helps my son in his genealogy search.

    Who is that idiot Corey? I appreciate what you have done here and can’t understand why some people think they are so supeior that they have to interject their misguided opinions on to other people just to make their ignorent, foolish, and mindless selves feel better.

    Thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful work.

    • Mahalo! Scary some people!

    • Mahalo Karen

      If Corey really was smart which I know he isn’t he wouldn’t have made that kind of stupid comment in front of a “big kanaka maoli’s” in person. So why make that kind of comments here, cause you think you behind a keyboard and screen you better…*laughs* i dont think so. ehm, excuse me..but corey you can take your ignorant&imigrant self back you where you from.Thanks!………not!

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