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    • Aloha no,

      Looking for information pertaining to my `ohana `o Kaua mai Maui.


      • Keli’i Tau’a lives on Maui. I would also try the Mormon records as Taua were elders or leaders in the church as well. I recall some of the pili to the ohana (which I also share in): Jeremiah, Rutkowsky, Santos,
        Wilhelm (east Maui, west O’ahu). Tau’a was one of the teachers for Keopulani’s children–you don’t have far to dig. Al Lagunero, Maui

  1. Waipukua is noted as Kaahumanu’s puuhonua. This puuhonua is in Waihee. Also in this area is several of the alii retainers including Kaua (Taua) and Napulou, Makalawelawe, Kahalekai, and others.

    • Aloha no e Jo,

      I’m working with my aunt. She hasn’t found the Taua / Kaua connections. We can find where / when Kaua was also recognized as Taua. If you know of the connection could you please share?

      `O wau no me ka mahalo

  2. I am a descendant of Kaua. What I know is that she traded her RP land in Lahina for 24 acres on the Waimea River on Kauai where she moved and later died. An after the fact probate says she left her land to Keoiki, and one month later Keoki sells the land to McBryde Sugar. A Judge Mc Bryde also signs the probate as the judge of the 5th circuit. Since Royal Patent land can’t be sold I am wondering if we can get it back from Robinson now. We are not the original holder of the Royal Patent since she traded it. I saw her probate and Keoki may have been her son. I am also heir to lands of Kane, Moa, Kalau, Namanu all on Kauai.

  3. Aloha
    Did the Kaua line that you are tracing reside in other areas of Maui? I have not found that our line connects to Kauai.

  4. Kauai Taua? Visit state archives, Oahu. Ask to read Great Mahele.

    Good hunting!

    • KauaTaua is recorded by my great great great grandfather, Alexander Alika Miller Mela, Jr…Kau Kau Ali’i Konohiki for Kamehameha III…as scion of Hubbel and Tavares Ohana, united to my Tilton Ohana! lptm

  5. I am a Tahitian decedents of the Taua (Troy Alan Kauhane Taua), the teacher to Keopulani. My father is the great great grandson of Taua… Denver Kealaheleikapo Taua.

  6. I am the great granddaughter of Iokepa Ponopaki Kaua of Hana Maui.
    Have you done 23andMe genetic test to see how the Taua / Kaua are related in 2015 ?

    • Hi Kamailani, my name is Leilani Correa Abreu. My great, great grandfather was John Kahaiolelo Kaua (1836-1921). He lived in Hana, Maui in the area known as Koali. I’m hoping we can find a connection between Iokepa Ponopake Kaua and John Kahaiolelo Kaua. Please contact me at leigirl52@gmail.com. Thank you.

  7. Is your ohana Kaua or Taua ?

    • Some said with K some with T same as taro or kalo. They aren’t my family, I just post copies of LCA’s for interested parties.

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