Hawaiian Genealogy Websites

There are lots of websites created by Kanaka families hoping to assist their families and other Kanaka doing research. I’m going to list them here.

I won’t be adding the sites that request not to use their site unless you are related or do not want their site used for research for land. They’ve experienced some issues with that not only with foreigners but with Kanaka family members as well so I like to respect that.



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  1. Welina mai.
    I’m researching my mo’oku’auhau. Was wondering if anyone has info on the Kupau ‘ohana? My maternal grandma is Lizzie Kupau, daughter of Lowell Kupau and Elizabeth Kaaia.

    E kokua. Mahalo.
    me ka ha’aha’a,
    Kuuleilani Reyes

    • hello kuuleilani, my name is Keala Kupau Lowell Simpson my father was James Kalamahiai Kupau his parents were Lowell Kalamahiai Kupau born in Waianae,Oahu born May 17,1880 His mother was Elizabeth Kanohomauna [Kaaia] Kupau. I believe your grandma was my fathers sister.Lizzie Mamala Kupau born sept 19,1913. I have records of brothers and sisters 5 girls and 3 boys. When my father came to the mainland he changed his name to james kupau Lowell . He was in the movie industry and james lowell was easier to say.

      • ALOHA…My name is Valerie my maternal grandmother is Margaret Ai (Kupau)..daughter of Lowell and Elizabeth(Kaaia) Kupau…

      • I *presume* your father is the same “Kimo” James “Jimmy” K (Kupau) Lowell, married to my grandmother Lillian Lowell from Feb. 1972 until his death by heart attack in the Chapel at the veterans hospital in Long Beach California in Sept 1972. He is buried in my family’s “plot” at Forrest Lawn Memorial in Cypress, California. I am unaware of when he came to the mainland or his involvement in the movies, I knew him as an entertainer, singer/guitarist. They met at The Village Inn in Long Beach CA. We have one or more pictures we would like to give you.

  2. i am looking for my family. I was raised on the main land n hav never metmy polynesian family. My fathers name was lawrence nani kea he passed in 1990.

    • Aloha Aloha! I have a lot of resources here that you can use to start your genealogy research. Also, on Facebook is a genealogy group headed by Kawika Kolomona, Charles Ano, and Dean Kekoolani that you can join and ask questions etc.

      • My father was Paul G. Joy–his mother was Amalia P. Joy–her mother was Tarrilla Merseberg who married Francis B. Joy–Tarrilla Merseberg (first hand maiden to Queen Liliuokalani) was the daughter of Jane Piikea Cummins and James Merseberg–Jane P. Cummins was the daughter of John Adams Kuakini Cummins–His Father was Thomas Cummins and mother was Kaumakaokane Papali’ai’aina–Kaumakaokane– Father was Keauiaole and her mother was Liloa–I am in search of the totality of my genealogycan and will anyone help–Kaumakaokane was a high chieftess but what does that mean–!?!?

  3. lokking for my moms family Lillian Kaoni Kauanui

    • Aloha, you can first key in the last name kauanui at http://familysearch.org “advanced search” There will pop up all information on that name…also click exact spelling otherwise you’ll get tons of names you don’t need. Next, if you’d like to spend some money you can go to http://ancestry.com where there are census records for 1900 to 1930 and so much more information including other people looking for the same information.

      Check out all the pages I have that may be a possible resource for you and also my links. There’s lots.


    • Do you have a sister named Jeanette? Was your mom married to a Samuel?

    • my names ric fista. we might be looking for the same ancester. my great gr grt grandfather john adams and grandmother kilikina thier daughters annie adams malihua and baibiana mahilua hana maui

  4. I am looking for any info on John Cruz (middle name Mitchell or Monday or Napua; I’ve found all three on different documents), born 1/4/1882 in Honolulu, Hawaii, married 727/1908 in Honolulu to Helen or Rebecca Perry, died 7/3/1968, buried 7/19/1968 at Uluhaimalama Cemetery.

    My grandfather was William Mitchell Cruz, born 1/17/1908 in Honolulu, married Mabel (Kapewa) McComber 12/24/1937 in Honolulu, divorced, remarried, died 4/27/1985.

    To the first union were born my father, William Perry Cruz, born 3/6/1934 in Honolulu, died 12/7/2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada; Luibeck Cruz born in Honolulu; Emil James Cruz born 9/13/1939, died 12/14/2002 in Honolulu, and Winona Leilani (I haven’t found any info on Winona.)

    To the second union were born William Mitchell Cruz, Jr, born7/20/1944 in Honolulu, died 4/3/1997, buried in Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery; Edwin K Cruz; Lovina K Cruz. Stepchildren are Thelma A Ulsh and Benjamin Adolph.

    Would appreciate any help from anyone. Please also send an email to me at nplcat1@htomail.com. Thanks


  5. I’m looking for information on Moike. His son William Moike is buried in Honolulu in the Pauoa cemetary. Any help would be helpful. Mahalo

  6. Aloha Everyone My name is tiffany Cuello, and i am searching for George wood Ainoa’s Father. I only know his first name which is Ainoa and his wife Hannah Kamu or Kamai i can’t seemed to figure what is her maiden last name. I am also trying to look for Upapa John Kekua he is born in the Territory of Hawaii thats i know. I am not to sure what is he’s date of birth or Death date Please Kokua. If anyone has any information you folks could e-mail me at rapanott@hawaii.edu Mahalo nui

  7. Hawaiian Newspaper, “Ka Hoku o ka Pakipika”, Vol. 1, No. 12,
    dated 12 December 1861, documents the birth of my great grandmother Keliimahiai. It lists her father as Kalolina and her mother as Kaolelo.
    Dekemaba 1. ma Kaakapua Honolulu Oahu, hanau o Keliimahiai w, na Kalolina, me Kaolelo w.”

    My family received Mahele Land, which had been passed down from I. Kaaukai.

    Interested in sharing family information with relatives of Kaaukai, Kalolina, Kaolelo, or Keliimahiai.



    • Aloha Scott, If I’m not mistaken you are one of the people I called years ago, 2001 or 2002, about land that was being quitclaimed here on Maui, it was 30+ acres I believe and you were so frustrated (if you’re the same person) because when I called you for that you were working on some 30+ or so acres that the SAME COMPANY was trying to take from you in Hawaii! I hope you are the same guy. I’ve thought about you for years wondering how it went for you.

  8. Aloha,

    I’m looking for info on the Iokepa family of Hilo~ My grandmother’s name is Genevieve Ivy Iokepa but I believe her birth name is Kaohu Iokepa. Any help with this is much appreciated! Also wanting to know- I know the hilo hospital burned at some point and there are no copies for some of the birth records but is there anything else we can refer to?

  9. Aloha, I am searching for any family info for Iona in Honolulu. My grandfather Joseph Iona, tells me his mother’s name was Myra (possible maiden name Heleluhi), father George Iona, sister Edith/Esther Ululani Iona. I have seen records online for people with these names without much info and no mention of my grandfather…any information is appreciated. Thank you, mahalo.

  10. aloha!

    Anyone has information on Moku Paoa and Kalauao Kanekoa. My grandmother is a Nishioka/Kanekoa of Nahiku Hana. Her mother is Christina Leialoha Kanekoa daughter of Moku Paoa and Kalauao Kanekoa.. I would like to know more about the history of my great grandmother and her parents.
    Especially Tutu Moku and her ohana. .I have some information and would like to know if anyone else can help me with any other informative traces. Mahalo


    • Kalauao Kanekoa born 13 June 1856 died 26 december 1927 at Nahiku Maui. Moku Paoa was his first wife they had two children Moku Paoa and Christina Leialoha. Kalauao married Kanohoanu Kahuena after Moku died. They had 5 children

      • Mahalo BJ. Do you know anything about his first wife’s parents, that would be Moku Paoa?

  11. Aloha!

    Trying to trace my ohana on the Kahuanaele side. Her name is Helela Kahaunaele of Maui. Her son is Kalauao Kanekoa of Nahiku Hana. She is my great great great grandmother. She married a Kanekoa of Maui. Looking for any information of her side of the family and her ohana. Mahalo. Sara

  12. Aloha,

    Looking for any information on Wainui Kanamu originally from Waikiki Oahu. She married Kalauao Kanekoa of Waikiki Oahu. I am looking any traces of her ohana side of the family. the Kanamu ohana. Please let me know Mahalo!


  13. Im just trying to find out if there was any hawaiian designs for my family name “kalilikane”

  14. Hi, my name is kaau kuia and Im trying to find the hoolulu side of my family. I traced my family all the way to victoria hoolulu and john p. kuia. after that it stops. I was told we we are linked to hoolulu, son of kameeiamoku(one of the twins on the coat of arms). can you please help me as soon as possible. thank you very much.

    • Aloha! My great grandmother on my father side is Victoria Ho’olulu and John P. Kuia. My grandmother is Helen Kuia Magno. Have you discovered further?

  15. Aloha kakou, I was wondering if anyone might know anything about the Kala(money) family from Maui. My kupuna kane, Andrew Anna Cruz Kala, was hanai/adopted by a Kala family from Maui, lived his like in Oahu. He died recently on April 12, 2015. Hoping to learn about my ancestry and where I come from. I also have a friend who I met with the last name Kala from Maui, and we’ve been trying to figure out if we are related and how. His grandpa Samuel Kamana Kala died this year as well. I don’t know much about this side of my ohana.
    Mahalo Nui Loa.

  16. Aloha,

    I’m looking for Hawaiian family members. I was born in San Francisco on 6/19/1970. My bio mother named me Nia Marie Lowell and her maiden name is Lowell. I was given a photo with four other family members and me as a baby. I would like to post the photo to see if anyone recognizes the kids: Mary, Tommy, Johnny and Joey. Please let me know if anyone knows of Hawaiian Lowell Family. I appreciate any help.


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