LCA Land Commission Award. Certificate of award issued by the Land
Commission upon confirmation of a claim, and conferring a title “less
than allodial” (free from the tenurial rights of a feudal overlord).
Generally, the LCA bore the same number as the claim. However, a
number of the claims marked “Not awarded” in the “Numerical Index of
Awards” were awarded under another number. Sometimes the number of a
non-award was reissued to another claimant.
M.A. Mahele Award. Award issued after the dissolution of the Land
Commision(March 1855);issuedby the Ministerof the Interior to a .
chief or konohiki who had not yet obtained an award on land(s) recorded
in the Mahele Book as quitclaimed by the King.
RP Royal Patent. Land patent conferring free and clear title to land
awarded by the Land Commission. Issued by the Minister of the Interior
upon survey of the land and payment of commutation to the Government.
In effect, a quitclaim by the Government for its interest in the land
R.P.G. Royal Patent Grant. Land patent conferring fee simple title to
a Government land. This was an outright purchase of Government land,
and not a commutation of the Government’s interest in a:land.
An R.P.G. was also issued when a claimant bought a fee simple patent to
both the 1/2 of the land he had been awarded and the 1/2 he had
relinquished. In that case, he was buying out the government’s 1/3
interest in his 1/2 of the land (his commutation fee), and also the
government’s 1/2 share of the divided ahupua’a or ‘ilL The matter was
handled through the Privy Council, who instructed the Minister of the
Interior to grant the patent to the applicant. The claim was then not
adjudicated by the Land Board, and the transaction was recorded as a
Royal Patent Grant (R.P.G.) (e.g., R.P.G. #1141 David Malo).
Abbreviation “K/ A” signifies “Konohiki Awardee,” that is, all the
awardees (ali’i and konohiki) whose names appear in the Mahele Book.
Caption number” 159″ refers to biographical notes.
Caption number “601”. refers to genealogical records cited as:
AH = State of Hawaii Archives genealogy books;
BM = Bernice P. Bishop Museum genealogy books; .
MKP= M.K. Pukui Genealogy Book (compiled mainly from above sources;
copies in Latter Day Saints genealogical library , Honolulu, and
personal possession of compiler).
w., (w) designates “wahine” (female); unmarked names are male



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