Descendants of John Harbottle

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  1. I am a desendent of John Harbottle through George Nahalelaau Harbottle. I think your information about him is incorrect. He was married to Kuaanalewa Talaimanomateata (from Tahiti) I have no record of Ma’i Keawehawaii. Their sons were John Kuualoha., William Koapiimoku, and Edward Hulihee. Edward married Maria Kuahao Kimo and they had 10 children: Georgeo. Mary Kalaimanomateata, Annie Haumea, Paul, William, Abigail Kalikookalani (My great-grandmother) Jennie Anna, Sarah, Clara Keona, Earl K.

    I don’t know the spouses and children of the other children but Abigail Married John K. Fern and had four children: Violet, Raymond Kawawamahi, Bertron, and John Keaumoku. After the death of John Fern she married Carl Henry Christiian Willing II and had five children: Dasie Baker, Cymbeline Leimomi, Beryl Kalikookalani (my grandmother), Carl Henry Christian III, and Myrtle Leilehua.

    Beryl married Antone Figueira they had seven children: Antone, Lawrence Kaiukai, Russell Anthony Waipuna (my dad), Gerald, Nathan, Kevin, Shannon Tony.

    My Father Russell married Donna Smith and they had six children: Jennifer Lynn Kalikookalani (me), Carrie Ann Pumahanaokalani, Mary Elizabeth Uluvaheokalani, Russell Anthony Kaiukai, Amanda Lee Hokulani, and Abigail Erin Kawaialani.

    I married Brian Leslie Crumpler and have one daughter: Leslie Star Kalikookalani Crumpler.

    so you see a large branch of John Harbottle’s family is missing from this chart. I have more information regarding the spouses and children of my aunts and uncles as well as for my brother and sisters.

    • HOWZIT cousin, this is Ruth Kamaile Willing Stone. My daughter Chanel needs to contact you. She get choke information.Try look face book under Willing Family

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