Descendants of John Harbottle

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  1. I am a desendent of John Harbottle through George Nahalelaau Harbottle. I think your information about him is incorrect. He was married to Kuaanalewa Talaimanomateata (from Tahiti) I have no record of Ma’i Keawehawaii. Their sons were John Kuualoha., William Koapiimoku, and Edward Hulihee. Edward married Maria Kuahao Kimo and they had 10 children: Georgeo. Mary Kalaimanomateata, Annie Haumea, Paul, William, Abigail Kalikookalani (My great-grandmother) Jennie Anna, Sarah, Clara Keona, Earl K.

    I don’t know the spouses and children of the other children but Abigail Married John K. Fern and had four children: Violet, Raymond Kawawamahi, Bertron, and John Keaumoku. After the death of John Fern she married Carl Henry Christiian Willing II and had five children: Dasie Baker, Cymbeline Leimomi, Beryl Kalikookalani (my grandmother), Carl Henry Christian III, and Myrtle Leilehua.

    Beryl married Antone Figueira they had seven children: Antone, Lawrence Kaiukai, Russell Anthony Waipuna (my dad), Gerald, Nathan, Kevin, Shannon Tony.

    My Father Russell married Donna Smith and they had six children: Jennifer Lynn Kalikookalani (me), Carrie Ann Pumahanaokalani, Mary Elizabeth Uluvaheokalani, Russell Anthony Kaiukai, Amanda Lee Hokulani, and Abigail Erin Kawaialani.

    I married Brian Leslie Crumpler and have one daughter: Leslie Star Kalikookalani Crumpler.

    so you see a large branch of John Harbottle’s family is missing from this chart. I have more information regarding the spouses and children of my aunts and uncles as well as for my brother and sisters.

    • HOWZIT cousin, this is Ruth Kamaile Willing Stone. My daughter Chanel needs to contact you. She get choke information.Try look face book under Willing Family

  2. Some of the names J. Kalikoolani Figueira stated may have been misspelled, however her narrative is correct. There is a branch of the Harbottle family that was fathered by a Hakole man and a Harbottle (w). They took the maiden name of their mother and their paternal grandfather (Harbottle). This is Isaac Harbottle current line. Mahalo. This always irritated my mother, she insisted till the day died they are Hakole’s. It doesn’t matter to me, we are all family. Aloha to all my ohana. R. Waipua Figueira.

    • The family name was Haukole, I apologize for the Misspelling, don’t want to insult or hurt any feelings.

    • They are not Hakuoles…..Hakuole (k) was the Kahu of the Harbottle boys not their father. So Naha Harbottle’s sons are in fact Harbottles. I am Naha’s great, great grandaughter, Napua Harbottle.

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