Google Books

You can download some books for free at Google Books. If you can’t download the books they sometimes give limited previews of the books which can have enough information.

All you do is key in a name that you’re doing research on. Once the google search list comes up, even if google doesn’t find anything, go up to the top left hand of the page. Click on “more” and then click on “books.”

All the books containing the name Kalehuamakanoe will show up and the name will be highligted in yellow.

I find all kinds of information this way and I also download the “full preview” books for future reference.

One of the books I find a lot of information in is the:

Hawaii Reports Vol. 25 Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of the Territory of Hawaii July 1, 1919 to March 23, 1921

There’s a page that lists the names of people involved. You can look it up and go straight to that page that has to do with the name you are looking for.

As time allows I’ll add more links to books but it’s sometimes better to just key in the name you are researching and look in google books. The reason for this is they may not be the main party but their name will be mentioned in the story. Also, many times the book gives genealogy of people and also Royal Patent numbers, deed information, etc.


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