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  1. Not sure who you are or what this website is all about, but it has my family name and I would like more information about it.


    • Aloha e Elaine, this website is a collection of resources that I use to do genealogy research. I mentioned I’m not an expert at it it’s just a passion I have. I discovered that there’s a lot of Kanaka Maoli who want to do their research but don’t know how to start or how to continue so I share how I do my genealogy and all the resources I use. What you’re seeing is a land award given to Kahoohanohano. To determine if that’s your ancestor you have to trace your genealogy up to him. I don’t do genealogy for people because it is too time consuming and I have a family to provide for. There are so many resources, also on facebook there’s the Native Hawaiian Genealogy http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=38151116892&ref=search that has lots of resources as well. Mahalo for your comment!

  2. Aloha, my name is Dale Hano and my grandfarther’s name is William kahoohanohano. He was married to Susan kalawainui Nakoa. My father’s name was Solomon K. Hano. Maybe I can help a little if you are intrested about my family.

  3. My cousin’s father was Oliver Kahoohanohano from the island of Kauai.

  4. Hello: Let me introduce my self, my name is Victor Alo. I’m the second to the oldest son, to my mother Rachel Lonokahikini Vidal Alo she is now deceased. Her mother my Tu-Tu’s name is Jennie Lonokahikini Vidal Maio, mother my Great-Great Tu-Tu’s name is Elizabeth Lonokahikini Kalaniipii Her parent are “KAHOOHANOHANO”(K) Oct. 1831 Wailuku Maui (68) Yrs.Old, (W) Kaohi Mar.1838 (62) Yrs.Old, They had 9(Nine) children. 5 (Five) “Sons” Pii May 1870 (30) Yrs.Old, Kekua Mar.1874 (26) Yrs Old, Hano Aug. 1876 (23) Yrs Old, Sam Jan.1882 Yrs Old, Keliiola May 1884 Yrs Old, 1(One) Daughter-In-Law Kanahine Feb.1873 (27) Yrs Old, 4 (four) Grand-Daughters Lono Feb.1882 (8) Yrs Old, Lale Feb. 1896 (4) Yrs Old, Kalama Mar. 1897 (3) Yrs Old, Keola Oct. 1896. My question is “Pii” when did he change his name to kalanipii and why ? Have nothing about his Wife “Kanahine” nothing. And also Wife “Kaohi” KAHOOHANOHANO nothing as well could anyone help me with this dilemma any information is greatly appreciative. And finally “KAHOOHANOHANO nothing about him as well nothing and Lono Mahalo………….

    • Aloha I am pohaku kahoohanohano my grandfather is Solomon hano, aka Solomon kahoohanohano. His father was William hano kahoohanohano. His mother was kaohi and father was kahoohanohano all from kuiaha peahi Maui. They moved to said hi about 1890. Jennie is my grandfather’s first cousin. Kalanipii kahoohanohano married pheobe kauwahine manalai. I have a little more info if you like. I also have the original Will of from kaohi who died in 1917.

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