Mahele Indices

The book shows the LCAw(Certificate of Title = CT) number, Royal Patent number, which book and page each is contained within, District, Ahupuaa, sometimes Ili, and area.

It’s good to look for ancestor’s in a given area.

The book takes awhile to download but is worth it. Once it’s downloaded and saved to your desktop, CD, or USB then it loads quickly. Good to use this for researching along with the TMK CD discs.

Still working on downloading…please try again…Mahalo!


3 Responses

  1. please let me know when you put the download up. Mahalo

  2. Aloha, While visiting a Property Tax office in Kona recently, a tax clerk came up to me and informed me that she had discovered something that she wanted to share with me.

    She put a dusty Black Ledger Book in front of me and asked me if I knew what it was? I did not. She told me that it was the way The Territory of Hawaii recorded Titled Land before Hawaii became a State.

    She then showed me a recorded name in the book….something…Stacks. I told her I did not know the man, but I did recognise the last name. I told her I knew of an Elizibeth Stacks…who was owner of Mac Candless Ranch. She smiled and said…‘Exactly! The Mans‘ Name you don‘t recognise is her Husband and is deceased. She then went on to say that He was in Charge of recording Titles in The Ledger for the Territory of Hawaii back in the 50‘s.

    She then went deeper into the Ledger. She said..Do you know this name? I said that I did, that it was the name of my Great Granddather. She asked me to read what was recorded. I told her it says He recorded Title to 5800 Acres of Land.

    Note: seeing this triggered a memory of a deed written by The Crown for 5800 Acres with a balance due of .75 Cents. My cousin showed me a long time ago.

    She then asked me when he died. I told her I was really small. I told her i think in 1956 at the age of 93. I was three years old.

    She then asked me if i remembered any talk about Money my entire family may have ever talked about over the Sale that may have taken place for such a huge tract of Land. I told her …Never!

    She then asked me if I had Ever heard of my Great Grandfather ever selling that land. I told her ……..Never!

    She then took me back to Stacks Name and showed me Where He recorded the Transfer of my Great Grandfathers 5800 Acres into His Name! And then told me …She strongly believed that a Fraud had been commited against our family by a trusted Government Official!

    After that encounter I did some research. My Great Grandfather passed away in 1954 at the age of 94. The so called Stacks land transfer took place in 1956 two years after his death.

    Question. The Crown Deed I saw…. are there Copies?

    Got any idea where I could start?

    If I remember right. King Kalakaua was on the deed. My Great Grandfathers name…….
    Philip Ha‘ae

    Help me out with this if you can. If it proves fruitful….I will do your Orginization Right!

    My Word!
    Lawrence Ha‘ae

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