Kanaka Stories ‘n’ Kupuna Interviews

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I don’t know if this section will assist so much with genealogy research but I thought I’d add it anyway because it is integral to our culture and much of the names in the stories are names of our ancestors.

So this is the section that you might enjoy reading just for your pleasure. I’ll post books and website addresses, whatever I find.

To view the stories scroll down the left side bar until you see “Kanaka Stories ‘n’ Kupuna Interviews. You will see all the links there. Mahalo!


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  1. Me ka mahalo ia a aloha nui,

    Mahalo aku wau ia oe no kou manao a ike maikai kela mau mea i ka ike lahui Hawaii a pono i, pono makou ke hoonaau ia ka moolelo o na kupuna a aumakua.
    he waiwai ia ka ike.


  2. Ano’i! Mahalo Nui loa for all the work in keeping the Saffery familys Mana. I wish I paid more attention to the stories my
    Grandmother told us at puli times when we where little. About living in Lahina when her father was working at the Lahina Prison. My grandmother is Sarah aka Julia Saffery.
    whos father is Charles Thomas Saffery and mother is Emily K. Hawele.We use to see this lady on the wall when we were little in the old house in Kihei and Grandma who got up that morning and say “Tutu came see me. I never mention this until at Grandma’s funeral. After we where having drinks at the Hukilau bar Me, Ipo Saffery, Ike, Noni,
    Toosie. look and me and said they all seen her Tutu! Ola Mau! Kaipo

    • Hoooo chicken skin! Mahalo for sharing!

    • Aloha e Kaipo,
      I was here looking for more information on my mo’okuauhau and saw your story. Julia Saffery is my great grandmother. I am Efren’ s daughter and Emily Hall’s granddaughter. I remember being at Tutu’s funeral when I was really small. Are you Uncle Ipo’s son? It’s been a long time since I have been in touch with Maui ‘ohana. It would be great to get in touch with you sometime! Here is my email: kamaleialoha@hotmail.com
      E ola ka ‘ohana Saffery!
      Aloha pumehana,

    • aloha, my name is janet bostick. i am a archaeology, gis/gps, hawaiian history student with UH Maui College. i have lived on wai ola church property for 12 years, connected to kitty ka`uhane, lady moon’s son of lahaina. i am doing a mapping project foe he waine`e church yard. it is beautiful to know the sites in which your beloved family members lie in rest. one of the goals of my project is to gather stories and connections, like yours. along with producing a paper map for those phsycally at the church yard, i am working to have info in digital format. Hale pa`i ‘s Ken ,curator, suggested storage at the museum along with web access. the old records were burned in a church fire and we seek to restore missing history. at some point we would love to have a “talk story session.”” would you like to be apart of that? i see the saffertygrave and others mentioned here. wai`ola church has yard work happening each friday. see tamalani . i can be reached at bostick@hawaii.edu. so glad to read your words, have a super day, aloha, janet b

    • Aloha Kaipo 🙂

  3. I was told we share a common ancestor, the Pratt family. Can you tell me their first names and if this is true?

  4. i am of the royal lineage heir of Queen Keopuolani, in doing my research of my mama (mo’okuauhau)….Emilia Kahili Kaina Kumaewa Kaleo Momona Ohana Nation…… i found that i am the direct descendant of our Royal Great Great Great Grandmama….High Chiefess Queen Keopuolani….the most SACRED of all wives of Kamehameha the Great……i was also raised on the Sacred Grounds of my Kupuna Kahiko…..anty lady moon was the gravesite konohiki (caretaker) of waiola chruch and my mama was the Kahuna Nui for our Ohana Nation and had the responsibility to Restore and Design our grandmama’s Royal Tomb that sits on the ground of great grand mama…..
    i ask to stop the Hewa (wrongful actions) of this illegally digging into the Royal Sacred Grounds of my Royal Sacred Ancestors…..when i grew up on Great grandmama sarced grounds i was told not to move certain stone (hewa), we could not leave any open whole open in the ground (hewa)…we had to cover it right away…(as a teenager)…i got grounded for not cover the ground up before sun down, hummmm…this is a Royal Sacred Place of our Kingdom of Maui Nui to be put back into the hands of our Care Takers (konohiki) of that Ahupua’a of Wainee….this has already been assigned by our Ancestors to accomplish our Given MISSION…..i am asking Usa and other Native Hawaiians to continue the process of the proper Protocols of our Ancestors….. not in the name of Greed and Tourism…..mahalo Ke Akua for our correctedness to do what is Pono…..the right way…..mauruuru,,,,da princess of Moku’Ula, La haina, Kingdom of Maui Nui

  5. Maholo for your post. Aloha Mai Kakou.

    I feel some how our Mana’o was past down thru Mana to still remember what happen and to feel! As a Kanaka Maoli the Puuwai hurts every time some thing kapakai happens to our Aina. Hilahila everytime a new law is past to further us from our ways..

    I hope I share what every Kanaka Maoli feels I know no one else feels what we feel….Kaulana Napua!

    Guy Kaipo Goodness

    • Our mana’o or no’eau is the prototcol to claiming our ancestrial lineages. the genealogies of Adamu back to Elohim (Aloha) God is Love. Ho’oponopono na Ohana o ke Akua. First we must pono our puuwai and let the Uhane o ke Akua guide and provide for you what you seek. Ask and ye shall be given. E puli kakou. Let us pray humbly unto Him that we as children of the house of Isreal will be able to malamalama Papa nui hanau moku and her descendants and restore this, The Kingdom of Havilah, Hawaii, Heaven. From the Puuwai (Kaua’i) of Papa nui hanau moku and Wakea, we as KANAKA’s and all Akua o na keiki o Papa nui and Wakea, cjildren of THIS earth. we must all do our part in preserving our direct lineal bloodlines, Royal, in preserving our Tutu’s and Tutuman’s, in time for the 2nd coming of Jeiewaho Kauai, Iesu Kristo, Jesus Christ, The only Begotten, His first, The Creation, Taua’i or Kaua’i, The Kingdom of Atua/Atuai. NOT Atooi
      mahalo ke Akua, e ola mau loa o Kamehaikaua ae Kamehameha
      Aloha no,
      Kawekiuokilauanokumahakaua Aipoalani Ho’opai Aana

  6. Aloha and Mahalo for the mana’o. I came across your site in search for my paternal and maternal family members.

    My parents passed when my brothers and I were young, today locating our family is a true task.

    I do have a question for you though, and hope that you can help me.

    I received some papers from my sister in law, she claimed she received it from a woman claiming that we were family and showed my sister the names. My sister provided me a copy which shows my Great Grandmother Teresa Kelekia Keolanui Santos; daughter of Louisa Kaahanui Piena.

    So my question is: Are we related? And can you clarify the lineage if we are, as I have found no answers on this site to my inquiries.

    Your kokua is greatly appreciated.

    Malama pono, A hui hou.


  7. Looking for more information on the Ward Plantation in the 1900’s. It was located where the Blaisdell center is now? My grandmother lived on that plantation. She was Annie Ward.

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