KALEI, w. L.C.A.5745

KALEI, w. L.C.A.5745


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  1. Aloha,

    My name is Azizi Bonnette, I am 30 years old. I was born and raised on Maui and my grandmother Roselyn Kaiama was born to Merlene “Malia” Kalei. Marlene’s father was Kalei, there is no other name, therefore he must of been in the era where they made Hawaiian’s use their first name as their last name. Marlene’s mothers name was Malia too, like her middle name. She had a sister name Mary “Mele” Kalei. They had a lot of brothers and sisters but I believe my Tutu may have been the first born, or at least before Mary from my reasearch. My family has land to claim in Kanaio or at least I would like to know because my mom said we do. I know my great great grandma Malia married Kalei in the 1800’s and she was born sometime in the 1820’s if I am not mistaken. I know I was told that she comes from the Kauaua family bloodline, apparently my bloodline, from the land where my grandmother was raised in Ulupalakua and Kanaio. I always went up there to clean our family grave sight that still exist today below the winery. I was told I can be burried there if I wanted to. It’s a family grave sight or our family only. So I know my roots come from there. My tutu Roselyn is stubbern, she doesn’t want to tell me more info. I guess she felt defeated by the white man, she didn’t even want to teach us Hawaiian because of it. She said, “for what”. I need to know who I am and no one in my family has a clue but her and she wont give me more info. She just wants me to forget about it. But, I cant! I need to know my Hawaiian grandparents. I NEED HELP! Can you guide me in the right direction please. azizibonnette@yahoo.com email me!

    Who is Kalei, w. L.C.A. 5745, is it aunty Mary?


  2. Azizi “Ku’ulei” Kaiama-Bonnette

    Roselyn Na’auao Kaiama ( my grandma married Roy Kaiama from Kaupo,Hana) I think Na’auao came from her dad she said, but when I looked up Mary ‘Mele” Kalei, her dad was KALEI, nothing to do with Na’auao, but Mary married a Na’auao man, so this is where the name comes in to our family. I asked my Tutu, she said that was her stepdads name. Which tells me that maybe my great aunt Mary hanai my grandma and gave her her husbands last name, Na’auao. Because her real father is Brown from Paia. So I know she is not a Na’auao. She is a KALEI cause her mom is a Kalei. TO BE CLEAR, I want to know who Marlene’s parents are. My direct decedants to Kauaua. OK, THANK YOU!

    • Aloha,My name is wesley kalei my grandfather and great grandfathers names were James Imihia kalei jr and sr from ulapalakua maui my great gradnfather was born 1881 and married a rose gay who i have no information on but she was born 1883 in waimea,Hi my grand father’s birthlace is also ulupalakua,maui who also married a veronica rose kanae.I too am looking for information on the kalei ohana and the gay ohana.I hope you find this information helpful ….Aloha

      • Aloha e Wesley. I am part of the Kanae-Holbron ohana and am a close relative to you via Veronica Rose Kanae. You can email me at gmail to this name: mamoahina.

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