Maui TMK Zone 2

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Maui TMK Zone 2 
Makawao and Kula

Added Maui TMK Zone 1 Maps

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Maui – zone 1

Hana, Maui

1838 Maps of Kauai and Niihau

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by Samuel Kalama 1838 ~



Reinhardt website

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with over 1500 names. Go over and visit and see if any of  your family names are included.

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Maui Reinhardt Ohana

Kauaua Ohana Reunion

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Every two (2) years the descendants of Kelii-O-Nahuawai Kauaua and Kauaiokalani gather for a family reunion.  Kelii-O-Nahuawai Kauaua

was born in 1786, the son of Nahuawai; and Kauai-o-kalani Kanae was born in 1788.  Kelii and Kauaiokalani had five (5) children named,

Papai, Kamaka, Puupuu, Apuakahei, Moeloa.  The children were born on the island of Maui, in the district of Honua’ula

Papai (1808), married husband Job Piena.  Kamaka (1810), married husband John Kamakee Kuhaulua.  Puupuu (1812), married wife Kalino Kailiponau.  Apuakahei (1813), married husband Kahui-o-keaumiki.  Moeloa, married husband Mataio Kaivi (Aka) Kaiwi.


The descendants represent the 5th, 6th and 7th generations of the Kauaua family.  Cecilia Kailaa Hatsumi Naganuma Freeman (1911), born in Lahaina was the Founder of Ohana Kauaua.  Elizabeth-Mae Kapeka Pihana Morton (1922), born in Makena, Maui was the first President and genealogist of Ohana Kauaua.

Date: September, 18th and 19th

TMK – Maui

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Alii Mahele Indices – cont. – Kapuwai to Keawe

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Alii Mahele Indices

Mahele Indices – cont. – Kamaikui to Kapuaiwa

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Alii Mahele Indices – cont.

BYU Interviews of Kupuna

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Aloha, I’ve been redoing the BYU Interviews of Kupuna because of the broken links. Now you can click on the name and be taken right to the pdf file which you can download and save. These are the first of the Kupuna that I’ve updated. Mahalo for your patience.