Family Search – LDS

Family Search – LDS

This is the first website I look to for research.

The first thing I do is key in a last name, as long as it’s Kanaka, and check the “use exact spelling box.”

If I want a particular name or a name with a foreign last name I don’t check the exact spelling box. You’ll have set it to US for country and Hawaii for state.

I first look for names in islands that I have a clue the person comes from. When I don’t find anything then I check all the other islands. People use to travel a lot to the other islands.

If you find something in Ancestral File check who the submitter is. They may still be living and if you think you may be related it wouldn’t hurt to contact them. This is how I contact them:

I look for their name first in google search to see if anything comes up. I then look under Super Pages
for their contact number if they have one.

If you want to do a search for a first name only go to International Genealogical Index (IGI) and key in the name. Make it a Kanaka name only otherwise you’ll have to look for hundreds of names. Also, make sure you check North America, United States, and Hawaii. If the name is very unusual you can check exact spelling and North America.

If you have a name that is foreign make sure you also try the different ways that Kanaka spelled the foreign name. For example, one of my ancestor’s is a Mitchell. When looking this name up I also came across Mitela. Who would’ve known? So you have to experiment with different ways of spelling a name.

Also, try shortening a name. For example if the name is Kealohanui, you can also check Kealoha.

If you find a name like Kailua Kealohanui, make sure you check Kealohanui AND Kailua as surnames as the switch back and forth. Some of the children will use Kailua and some will use Kealohanui as their surname so check everything.

The Pedigree Resource File has a compact disc containing many names of relations. Check through it to see if any apply to what you’re looking for.

Social Security Index also has good information, birth date and death date. On another page I’ll write more about ordering information from Social Security.

That’s all for now.


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  1. Aloha,
    kanaka Kukololoua is from lanai, related to Apiki, Kauhane.

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