Reinhardt website

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with over 1500 names. Go over and visit and see if any of  your family names are included.

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Maui Reinhardt Ohana


Complete Ancestry of John Liwai

This pdf file can be downloaded

John Liwai

Saffery Mookuauhau

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Maui Reinhardt Ohana

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This is the quoted opening line for the Saffery Ohana website which contains some nice photo’s as well. Click on Saffery Ohana to get to their website and connect with your ohana.

“Welcome to the Saffery ‘Ohana. This site is dedicated to my great grandmother Emalia Nellie Saffery the youngest daughter Of Capt. Edmond Saffery and Tavaiki Alapa’i Na’ehu, her brothers, sisters and all of our extended and very, very, large ‘ohana.”

Kinimaka Family Website

The Kinimaka Family Website is a site where the Kinimaka family connects ohana from all over the world sharing photographs, stories, and history.

If you are a Kinimaka this is the site for you to connect with the rest of your ohana.

There is also a family reunion coming up in July 2009 in Kauai which promises to be a well worth attend.

A Priestly Line Through The Ages by Diane Hoapili

Genealogy Website by Diane Hoapili

There are no secrets, only disclosures. The secret is out with the publication of Hawaiian Genealogies Vol. 2. The fourth and last printing done in 1985. The disclosure is here.

Edith Kawelohea McKinzie assisted by Ishmael W. Stagner, II have done exceptional work making it possible for others to reconnect with their ancestors, as I have. Here lies within this genealogy a priestly line, your ancestors, through the ages. Priest’s were a highly respected class of kanaka maoli, unique in their abilities and knowledge. If you ever wondered, this is why. Perhaps, you are of a priestly line, wonder more, and doubt no more. Be all that you can be and respectfully honor your lineage for it. You are not the first nor will you be the last, because the spirit has no beginning or end. It exists forever.

Be not afraid to set the records straight when you see it. Mistakes are made constantly, and can easily be corrected. Wrongs, however, are not easily corrected.

The priestly nation is a nation that can heal itself. May you reconnect with your ancestors and experience this healing for yourself.

“Genes being natures law by its own legitimacy cannot be unlawful.” (Kamehameha’s Children Today by Charles Ahlo, pg. 55)

A Priestly Line Through The Ages:
Surname List

Acacio, Aea, Aina, Aio, Akiona, Akubo, Alapainui, Albreschtson, Amasiu, Anderson, Anles, Arai, Arevelo, Baba, Barbara, Barrett, Beirne, Betty, Bolosan, Brack, Bradley, Burgo, Cabrera, Campbell, Clarito, Dela Cruz, Domingo, Eli, Empron, Engbino, Faagai, Faeling, Fatu, Fernandes, Fernandez, Fetu, Filoteo, Foster, Gardner, Garigan, Garza, Gilliland, Gonsalves, Gussman, Haae, Haili, Handy, Harvey, Heng, Hernandes, Hikakaiula, Hinaapoapo, Ho, Holokai, Ibara, Ikeole, Ipuwaiaholani, Iwikauikaua, Jenkins, Jo, Joaquin, Justice, Kaaihue, Kahakuohua, Kahalepoule, Kahele, Kahikina, Kahili, Kaiewe, Kaihikapuakuhihewa, Kaikekino, Kailua, Kainoapuka, Kakae, Kalanikauleleiaiwi, Kali, Kaluahinenui, Kamaka, Kamakee, Kamaluohua, Kamehani, Kamemeuili, Kamohoula, Kane, Kanei, Kaneikaiwilani, Kaole, Kapu, Kapukamola, Kaua, Kauakahikuaanaauakama, Kauauaamahi, Kauauaiki, Kauauanuiamahi, Kauauiki, Kauaunuiamahi, Kauhane, Kaulaheanuiokamoku, Kaumana, Kawaehae, Keakamahana, Keakealanikane, Keakealaniwahine, Keakui, Keawe, Keawekalanui, Keliiokalani, Kenigton, Kilauano, Kim, King, Koitu, Kuanea, Kuhimana, La Rosa, Lancaster, Laronal, Leao, Lee, Loe, Luakoa, Lui, Luiz, Magalianes, Mahikoa, Mahoe, Makakaualii, Makaualii, Mala, Malie, Marshall, McKonkey, Meadow, Mikinolia, Miliama, Mioe, Moa, Moikeha, Mokiau, Moku, Moleta, Morris, Nailiula, Nainoaelua, Naniho, Nawahineokaumakea, Nawelu, Nobriga, Oamilda, Oneha, Opu, Paanui, Paao, Paaoao, Pahia, Paina, Pale, Pasigan, Pasigano, Paulo, Pelapela, Pepee, Peralta, Pooacha, Porter, Prestidge, Psalm, Pueana, Ravencraft, Remigio, Rentfro, Reyes, Rhoda, Ripperdan, Roberts, Rodriques, Rose, Sabala, Santiago, Scott, Serrano, Shea, Shook, Silva, Simeona, Sonoda, Soren, Souza, Stanford, Sullivan, Sun, Sunada, Takashita, Thompson, Toelenamaki, Traci, Ueda, Uuku, Vanessa, Vea, Viela, Vines, Waikiki, Walker, Waohaakuna, Wong, Yasayte

Anti Annexation Petitions – Oahu Women and Men

Oahu, Women


Oahu, Men


Mahaulu Family – A Genealogy Book by Charles Ano

Charles Ano has been doing genealogy research for more than 10 years now. He first designed a website with all his findings which includes a lot of surnames and old pictures with some stories.

Here is the link to his website:

Families of Old

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here at this blog or on his website you can always go to  his dreambook and post a question there.

Here is the link to the message board:

Dream Book

Now he’s also written a book based on his great grandfather, Paul Mahaula’s side.

“It’s about my great-grandfather, Paul Mahaulu and his family.
On the cover is Paul with his grandsons,
LtoR: Harold, Jeff & Chris “Butch” (my dad).”

If you’d like to order a copy to keep as a genealogy reference book you can order it here:

Mahaulu – by Charles Ano