Saffery Mookuauhau

My apologies all the links are no longer available. Mahalo!

This is the quoted opening line for the Saffery Ohana website which contains some nice photo’s as well. Click on Saffery Ohana to get to their website and connect with your ohana.

“Welcome to the Saffery ‘Ohana. This site is dedicated to my great grandmother Emalia Nellie Saffery the youngest daughter Of Capt. Edmond Saffery and Tavaiki Alapa’i Na’ehu, her brothers, sisters and all of our extended and very, very, large ‘ohana.”


3 Responses

  1. Aloha,

    I’m am currently working on a Saffery Ohana web page and have taken over Manu Guy ( has left off. His website is no longer up and I am in the process of creating a website about our Saffery family. I have gained permission from Manu to use some of the photo’s he had on his site. So please check into in the near future.

    Michele Nishida

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