Waihona ‘Aina

At this website you can find records of Palapala Sila Nui and Palapala Hooko.

The site contains the number, name, district, ahupuaa, and the ili. There’s also a cost to order the documents but it may be a little cheaper to order from the Bureau of conveyances (occupied).

Sometimes you’ll know of an ancestor who maybe lived on Kauai but when you look up their name there will be the same name but on another island. They may or may not be the same person that’s why you have to order the document with the testimonials to get an idea if that is in fact your ancestor or not.

Also if you know where an ancestor came from and you type it in, like say you know the Ahupuaa but it shows up no results, try typing it in the search for text box.

Usually if there is a Royal Patent there’s also an LCAw (Certificate of Title is the real term) number as well.

If you want to download the Mahele Indices click on here —> Ko Hawaii Pae Aina —>there on the left sidebar there will be a button. Click that and download, it takes a real good while, save it to you desktop or a USB or a disc. It’ll come up much faster after you download it. I use this book extensively.

I’m not sure but I’ll check today if TMK discs are also available for purchase. Those are real handy too!


5 Responses

  1. iam in possession of a palapala sila nui, what do i do with it?

    • Aloha Lucy, wow that’s awesome! Can you trace your genealogy to the owner of that palapala sila nui? There are different ideas, beliefs and such surrounding palapala sila nui. I am of the belief that the true owner of the land is the owner of the palapala sila nui but if you talk with other people they have a different outlook on the subject. It is a hard thing to win in court, you can tell by the amount of people that have lost in court and have to witness land that rightfully belongs to them being used by big plantation owners or used for big developments or sold for massive amounts of money.

      Keep your palapala sila nui, it is a treasure and just keep checking around to different websites to see who is doing what with palapala sila nui.

    • Aloha e Lucy,

      this is Kawehi, call me and I can help you, or I will call you.


      • Hi, my name is nadeen clark. tele.309-4655262. I think I have a palapala sila nui. How can I make it work or use it? I live in Illinois currently. Honomaele, maui is our family ahupuaa, hope to hear from you, thank you & Aloha, Nadeen

      • I’m not sure how I’ve never tried it but I know there are a few that have I’m not sure of the success level though.

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