Translation Olelo to English

I just remembered this and I think it’s very important to know.

I’ve learned that translating olelo to English is actually a reduction of our language. Olelo has layers of meanings. So, when you read books that are translated from Oleleo to English please keep in mind that the meaning is reduced. Always go to the source for true information, use the mother tongue, use the language of origin.

An example:

“Inoa” reduced in English to mean “name”

Breakdown of the meaning of “Inoa”

I = beginning of life, source, cosmos, supreme being, spirit

no = for or belonging to, of

a = the descendant

The descendant belonging to I

Names were deep, you weren’t just given a name because your name came from the “beginning of life” which is very sacred.

Try doing your name and see all the different meanings you come up with.

If you’d like to learn olelo there’s a free workbook and link for Kumu Crozier’s class –>HERE<–


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for this article. It’s a point that’s very much forgotten when we read things.

  2. Noho ana maua i Santa Monica. Auhea oe? Ehia kala kou lomi lomi ana mai oe ia’u i kekahi hora?
    E kahea mai oe ia’u 808 854-9283 olu’olu mai.
    ke mahalo nei ia oe me kou pane mai ana
    malama pono
    Anakala Wes

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