Foster Parents:

Keawe Puhi

Sarah Puhi, maiden name – Kalepa


3 Responses

  1. I am a descendant of the Lloyd Laval Schmitt family proven thru DNA. I strarted a search to prove this about 4 years ago and was in contact with Allen Ai (since deceased) who gave me the encouragement to continue my search and assisted me in doing genealogy. The Lindsey family is part of it and somewhat confusing to a degree. For some reason I didn’t have your name in the work I am doing and don’t know how you fit in. I would like some assistance in doing the genealogy correctly and am finding duplicate entries in LDS for some and do not show the same children etc. Maybe I can assist your efforts on other families involved and related.


    • Aloha Alan, This site is for anyone doing research on genealogy and what I have done is surfed the web and consolidated genealogy information here. I am not necessarily related to the people you see on this site. Mahalo for stopping by!

    • I don’t know who you are but I know my 82 year old mother is married to a Lloyd Laval Schmitt (Sonny) and they live in Huntington Beach Calif.

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