Added Maui TMK Zone 1 Maps

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Maui – zone 1

Hana, Maui


Reinhardt website

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with over 1500 names. Go over and visit and see if any of  your family names are included.

Here is the link ~

Maui Reinhardt Ohana

Alii Mahele Indices – cont. – Kapuwai to Keawe

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Alii Mahele Indices

Mahele Indices – cont. – Kamaikui to Kapuaiwa

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Alii Mahele Indices – cont.

BYU Interviews of Kupuna

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Aloha, I’ve been redoing the BYU Interviews of Kupuna because of the broken links. Now you can click on the name and be taken right to the pdf file which you can download and save. These are the first of the Kupuna that I’ve updated. Mahalo for your patience.


Learning Olelo – Hawaiian Language

I recall reading, but I can’t remember which book so I can’t cite…sorry…but if I come across it again I’ll be sure to cite. It’s an old book and it tells about how the Kanaka Maoli wanted to learn English to better understand what was forming around them. They were…according to the author, quick learners.

This was how they were taught…the missionaries would go to homes and teach…for free.

My puzzlement is why we have to go to school to learn our language? And why we have to pay? If we want to move forward we should be going to homes and teaching for free. I know a lot of people won’t agree with me but I just had to put it out there.

It is so important that everyone learn this and not all of us can go to school.


A place where everyone can learn olelo on their own time…for free…at least the basics.

This is a course given by Kumu J. Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier through

Hurry and download all the material and I will as well. There’s a workbook in pdf form and audio that can be uploaded to your iPod so studying can be done anywhere…or you can put it on CD’s as well I think.

I already downloaded the workbook. You can download it –>HERE<–

When you learn olelo you can translate all your documents yourself and not have to wait or pay someone to translate for you.

Also, the more Kanaka speaking olelo, the more the mana rises and gets stronger…just putting it out there is all.