Alii Mahele Indices

Here is the Alii Mahele Indices translated into English. I’ll also be posting the Alii Mahele Indices in our original language, olelo. On this page will be the abbreviations and contents. The individual pages will be listed separately with this as the parent page.

These records contain genealogy information that may be helpful to your research.

(1) General References-Abbreviations

(2) Abbreviations

(3) Abbreviations

(4) Selected Reading

Contents in Alphabetical Order:

Contents 1

Contents 2

Contents 3

Contents 4

Contents 5

Contents 6


6 Responses

  1. […] Alii Mahele Indices […]

  2. where can you find out about the royal patents?

    • Aloha e Charles, you can find copies of the royal patents at Hawaii State Archives and Bureau of Conveyances. I’ll email you.

  3. I desperately need page 457 of the Alii Mahele Indices for Alika Mela. Any chance you might update the list to the side with that page?

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