Calley Haneberg

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Calley Haneberg

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“Because, I know, I for one, didn’t vote for statehood because I
felt the Hawaiian people would certainly lose their identity and
all o f the other things. And if you look in all the government
jobs and I certainly don’t have any animosity towards the Japanese,
but I see what’s happening and they’re taking over, I mean if you
look in all the government jobs, city, county, federal, state
here in the islands of Hawaii, they’re predominately Japanesefilled.
And I know that my son never felt that way; he’s part-
Hawaiian and he went down because he was looking for a job and
he didn’t have one at the time, and he had two little boys to
support. And he said the Japanese people that he went to for
help to fill out the unemployment things were extremely rude and
not one bit helpful. And he’s an island boy, but he finally found
a Portuguese woman who sat down and explained everything to him
and when she was through he told her, “I just want to thank you;
you’re the first one who’s been nice to me and sat down and
explained what I should do. The rest of them told me I had no
chance to ever get …””


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  1. I am LDS and I am related to the Haneberg family in Hawaii. My mother was Gladys Haneberg. I am attempting tie my Hawaiian family to mine. See Look for my entry at that website. All of my children attended BYU in Provo.. We have a Vietnamese-Hawaiian foster child in Maui, Tuyet Koomoa. Thank you.

    • Gladys,
      I’m a relative of the Haneberg’s also. My mother was Mae Jean Haneberg. Born to Henry and Carrie Haneberg. I live in California. Would love to hear any more about your side and knowledge. I’ll share mine. I’m also LDS. Calley was married to my Uncle Lawrence.

      • Hello, Wanda. I will be happy to send the line of descent from the Haneberg family which includes the California, Hawaiian and Kansas lines. I am happy to learn that I have more relatives here in California. Please give me your address and telephone number on my email address: I am having the Haneberg line updated at this time but I hope to have the updated version ready in a week or so. Incidentally, I just walked in the door returning from a vacation to Kona. Thank you for your writing.

      • My grandfather was Lawrence Haneberg. My father is Chuck Haneberg. My name is Kristin “Krisi” Haneberg-Bleasdale. Calley (my tutu) is still alive and has a sharp memory with all of her geneology. I would love to connect with you. I remember Mae Jean. Please contact me if you have a chance. We are all still in Hawaii.


        Kristin Haneberg-Bleasdale

  2. Hi Wanda, I have not heard from you yet but I believe that you have three sisters, Patricia, Sheryl and Melinda. When you get back to me I will send you the genealogy I have on the Hawaiian Haneberg family. Please send me your email and snail mail addresses that I have given you above.

  3. I am working on the lines of descent for the Haneberg family. Send me your “snail mail” address and I will send you a copy of what I have. I need to secure more info on the descendants of Henry Alexander Haneberg. He was Lawrence’s father. I have been in touch with Harriett Calley and I have talked to her on the telephone. I have also been in communication with Ryan Haneberg’s wife, Natalie. I have much that I can share with you. I have info on the German, Kansas, California and Hawaiian lines. David Nearon

    • My Grandmother is Harriet Calley. What do you need and I can help you. I see my Grandmother very frequently. My email is I look forward to hearing from you David. I am very interested in what you have to share.


      Kristin Haneberg-Bleasdale

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