Kanaio, Maui – Kauaua Ohana

I’ve read a lot of this book, mostly the genealogy part. There’s a lot of history about Kanaio, Maui and the Kauaua-a-mahi family. There’s lots of maps of Ahupua’a’s and Heiau locations as well. It also contains Royal Patents information with some testimonials as well. All in all a very good reading for those looking for genealogy information in Kanaio. Click on the link below and when you get to the site click on Open/View as a non-UH user.

Click on Kanaio




3 Responses

  1. Aloha I’m a desendent from Kamaka Kauaua kawahine the second born of Kauaiokalani Kauaua A Mahi kekane my great grandma is burried in Kipahulu Sara Kalaniho’okaha Hakuole kawahine w/ Henry Louis Theodore julius Mengler !!!

  2. Aloha, my name is Tina, my great grandmother is Emma Kauaua, I had started a group on facebook, because Im eager to learn about my hawaiian bloodline. please come and join us….group name on fb is “Da hawaiian bloodline ohana”…Im just starting to learn about my hawaiian bloodline….nice to meet you.

  3. Ke nānā nei au no nā pākōlea hou iā Kauaua ʻOhana

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