Olelo – Hawaiian Language – Kulaiwi

J. Ekela Kaniaupio-Crozier

I’ve posted the transcriptions of the video’s.

It would be great if families and friends got together in a home, prepare food, and study and learn our language together then share with others until all of us can speak olelo, translate our own documents.

When the foreigners are researching documents it would make sense that they have someone on a payroll to translate the documents for them. If we can’t translate our own documents we have to either wait for someone who can do it for us or we must hire a translator. That is so sad!

We should, if we are really interested in researching our genealogy, our royal patents, our history, learn our language.

Somehow I just feel that it is really important, like a glue that holds everything together.

Get the transcriptions of the videos –>HERE<–


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