A Priestly Line Through The Ages by Diane Hoapili

Genealogy Website by Diane Hoapili

There are no secrets, only disclosures. The secret is out with the publication of Hawaiian Genealogies Vol. 2. The fourth and last printing done in 1985. The disclosure is here.

Edith Kawelohea McKinzie assisted by Ishmael W. Stagner, II have done exceptional work making it possible for others to reconnect with their ancestors, as I have. Here lies within this genealogy a priestly line, your ancestors, through the ages. Priest’s were a highly respected class of kanaka maoli, unique in their abilities and knowledge. If you ever wondered, this is why. Perhaps, you are of a priestly line, wonder more, and doubt no more. Be all that you can be and respectfully honor your lineage for it. You are not the first nor will you be the last, because the spirit has no beginning or end. It exists forever.

Be not afraid to set the records straight when you see it. Mistakes are made constantly, and can easily be corrected. Wrongs, however, are not easily corrected.

The priestly nation is a nation that can heal itself. May you reconnect with your ancestors and experience this healing for yourself.

“Genes being natures law by its own legitimacy cannot be unlawful.” (Kamehameha’s Children Today by Charles Ahlo, pg. 55)

A Priestly Line Through The Ages:
Surname List

Acacio, Aea, Aina, Aio, Akiona, Akubo, Alapainui, Albreschtson, Amasiu, Anderson, Anles, Arai, Arevelo, Baba, Barbara, Barrett, Beirne, Betty, Bolosan, Brack, Bradley, Burgo, Cabrera, Campbell, Clarito, Dela Cruz, Domingo, Eli, Empron, Engbino, Faagai, Faeling, Fatu, Fernandes, Fernandez, Fetu, Filoteo, Foster, Gardner, Garigan, Garza, Gilliland, Gonsalves, Gussman, Haae, Haili, Handy, Harvey, Heng, Hernandes, Hikakaiula, Hinaapoapo, Ho, Holokai, Ibara, Ikeole, Ipuwaiaholani, Iwikauikaua, Jenkins, Jo, Joaquin, Justice, Kaaihue, Kahakuohua, Kahalepoule, Kahele, Kahikina, Kahili, Kaiewe, Kaihikapuakuhihewa, Kaikekino, Kailua, Kainoapuka, Kakae, Kalanikauleleiaiwi, Kali, Kaluahinenui, Kamaka, Kamakee, Kamaluohua, Kamehani, Kamemeuili, Kamohoula, Kane, Kanei, Kaneikaiwilani, Kaole, Kapu, Kapukamola, Kaua, Kauakahikuaanaauakama, Kauauaamahi, Kauauaiki, Kauauanuiamahi, Kauauiki, Kauaunuiamahi, Kauhane, Kaulaheanuiokamoku, Kaumana, Kawaehae, Keakamahana, Keakealanikane, Keakealaniwahine, Keakui, Keawe, Keawekalanui, Keliiokalani, Kenigton, Kilauano, Kim, King, Koitu, Kuanea, Kuhimana, La Rosa, Lancaster, Laronal, Leao, Lee, Loe, Luakoa, Lui, Luiz, Magalianes, Mahikoa, Mahoe, Makakaualii, Makaualii, Mala, Malie, Marshall, McKonkey, Meadow, Mikinolia, Miliama, Mioe, Moa, Moikeha, Mokiau, Moku, Moleta, Morris, Nailiula, Nainoaelua, Naniho, Nawahineokaumakea, Nawelu, Nobriga, Oamilda, Oneha, Opu, Paanui, Paao, Paaoao, Pahia, Paina, Pale, Pasigan, Pasigano, Paulo, Pelapela, Pepee, Peralta, Pooacha, Porter, Prestidge, Psalm, Pueana, Ravencraft, Remigio, Rentfro, Reyes, Rhoda, Ripperdan, Roberts, Rodriques, Rose, Sabala, Santiago, Scott, Serrano, Shea, Shook, Silva, Simeona, Sonoda, Soren, Souza, Stanford, Sullivan, Sun, Sunada, Takashita, Thompson, Toelenamaki, Traci, Ueda, Uuku, Vanessa, Vea, Viela, Vines, Waikiki, Walker, Waohaakuna, Wong, Yasayte


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    • Aloha, I can’t help you directly but there are a few sites you can click on here that may be of help. Paao does look like a shortened version of Paaoao which was a common thing to do, shorten names. Mahalo and have a great day!

    • Also, I forgot to mention, if you have a Facebook page there’s a wonderful genealogy group, here is the link ~ Native Hawaiian Genealogy ~ the group members may be able to help.

    • Yes. Pa’ao’ao are healers and judges. Pa’ao was a priest. The State of Hawai’i Main Library, Hawaiian Section has a microfilm on the Kahuna Genealogy. You will see that different class of healers are all called “paaoao”. My step-father told me he was the last of the judges in his genealogy. Paaoao are na kahuna.

      Correction, the Kingdom of Hawai’i still exists. You cannot divest a kingdom. The nations of the world know this, but not saying. TPTB know this, but not admitting or acknowledging this, for to do so would be an admission of guilt for grand larceny and genocide via “marketable title” (less than allodial). Recall how The Great Mahele was created by Kamehameha III, Kauikeauoli? He distributed the land in “less than allodial”. So, who had/has the allodial? This is why we have chaos with mortgages. No one has clear title, never did, never had. The Great Mahele forbade the selling, transfer, and trading of the aina, which was divide three ways, 1/3 to the king and his heirs, 1/3 to the chiefs and 1/3 to the people (you will find this info in :”The Ruling Chiefs of Hawai’i by Sam Kamakau). What have you done with your 1/3 interest as “beneficiary” to the aina? When an adverse nation took over (by annexation) the land was immediately placed into a trust per Kamehameha III mandate. This is stated in The Great Mahele by kauna and only those adept in interpreting “kauna” will see this.

  2. Someone does have the Allodial. Rest assured something is being done to correct the mistaken notion that people own the land under their dwelling via “marketable title”. They don’t, but the heir does. For now this will be a mystery as to who that is, and more importantly the peoples 1/3 interest is intact. You can do nothing about it until the heir validates that interest. Again, rest assured your interest is in safe hands or we not who we are, “paaoao” of Hawai’i Pa’e Aina.

  3. Aloha Dianne,

    First, mahalo for all of your time and information, please email me access to the genealogy of SImeona line and Kauauaiki etc…

    I was able to connect the line from Mana, Kauai and would like to print a copy as I found the information is correct to the best of my knowledge. The genealogy you created is of my family. I used to be able to access and review your info without thinking it would be inaccessible at a later time.

    Mahalo Nui Loa!

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