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  1. My Nawai Ohana:
    My mother is Josephine Rintoul. My grand mother was Isabella Lawrence or Lorenz and my grandfather was William Nawai Jr.
    My grandmother parents: Mary E. Garcia and Joe F Lawrence or Lorenz.
    My great grand father was also named William Nawai and my great grand mother is Kealoha Kama
    My great great grand father was Nawai and my great great grand mother was Mealeana.
    My grand fathers others brothers and sisters are John, Hatti, Lucy, Hakalaau, Loka and Annie.

    Others that are in my Ohana are: Mary Haake, Joseph Sylva, Lin Kauhane, Antone Kroger, Alice Noonoo, Samuel Kroger, Mary {Meeleana} Kamaka, George Kaha, James Kanana, Nobel Kauhane.

    Other surnames include Kekipi, Kahele, Kaha, Moy Lau, Perreira, Cardoza, Bailey, Joqquin, Sofa, Taylor, Pau’ala, Kuahane, Kanana, Rintoul, Kroger. My Grandfathers sister Lucy married George Kaha and their children are: Facko, Ben, Samuel, Mikele, Kacha, Panani and Kamien, Gabriel, Jon..
    Gabriel married Irene Kekipi.

    Isabella Lawrence/Lorenz brothers and sisters are: Marie, Manuel, Rose, Rosey Lucia, Vincia.

    Nobel Kauhane is my mother’s first cousin his mother was Anne Nawai. {Noble Kauhane’s parents were Annie Nawai and Lin/Luis Kauhane}.

    My grandfather is William Nawai jr. his father was William Nawai SR and his father was Kaahanui born 1838. Kaahanui was married to Nakiowai. Kaahanui had two brothers, Peulua, and Piimaiwaa. Kaahanui also had another son who was Kaiae, who was also given the last name Nawai. Kaiae married Malie. Kaiae also adopted the Christian name William, like his brother, and used it sometimes. Kaahanui’s parents are Kaiae (k) and Palena (w). Nakiowai’s mother is HieHie and one of her husbands was Pahoa.

    Now William Nawai was married to Kealohamauloa. Kealohamauloa parents were Lapauila (k) and Kekualoa (w). Kekualoa’s father was Moanalua.

    Mahalo :o) pineapple

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