Ohana Search and Reunion – Ka Wai Ola – May 2007

These are old reunion and ohana search messages from May 2007 but the information is still good.  There are some questions as to names of ancestor’s with contact information should any reader connect with one of the names.

The reason I copy and paste this information is because some of the information given will someday be wiped clean due to updates and such.

Here is the link to the Ka Wai Ola Issue of May 207 —>>> Ka Wai Ola

Pe‘a/Keliihoomalu — A reunion for the descendants of Kahale Charles Iaukea, Kuluwaimaka Keliihoomalu, Tutu Samuel Kahuakai Keliihoomalu and Kalama Pila Waiau of Kaimu, Puna Hawaii, is being formed. A steering committee is in the process of being organized. The confirmed dates are July 7-9, 2005. This event is planned for Wailoa State Park, Pavillion #2 (largest one). Since we are in formation, it would be nice if each child of Kahale Charles Iaukea, Kuluwaimaka Keliihoomalu, Samuel Kahuakai Keliihoomalu & Kalama Pila Waiau be represented in the steering committee. The chairperson for this event is Aunty Barbara Kekaualua, 431 Keonaona St. Hilo, HI 96720, 808-959-3876. Other contacts are Lois Sanekane 808-982-9321; Lizzie Pankey 808-968-7093; Mabel Wilson 808-982-7645.
Adolpho — The Adolpho ‘ohana reunion will be held July 8-11, 2005 at Hanamä‘ulu Beah Park, Kaua‘i. A family lü‘au will be held on July 9 at Lïhu‘e LDS Ward Gym, 4598 ‘Ehiku St. For information, call Kula at 808-245-6072, or email at kahenoa@hawaiilink.net
Waialae/Mokulehua — The descendants of George Waialae Sr. and Julia Mokulehua will hold a ‘ohana reunion on July 16, 2005, at Nänäkuli Beach Park. Because our tütü cowboy and tütü lady were originally from Miloli‘i and Honaunau, South Kona, and received their homestead land in Nänäkuli in the 1930, we would like to honor our küpuna in the town where they were one of the first settlers and pioneers. We are gathering information by way of their seven children: 1. Josephine (m: Charles Kopa II); 2. Kananilehua (m: Frank Kalili); 3. Maria Rose (m: Henry Young); 4. Elizabeth (m: Walter Andrade Sr.); 5. Agnes (m: William Kaae); 6. George (m: Minnie Nah); 7. Joseph (m: Sarah Akau). Although this reunion will focus on uniting the Waialae grandchildren and their families, we would also like to invite the sibling families of George (Keohoonani, Kalua, Maria, Cecilia, Ui, Laie and Keomo Waialae) and Julia (Thomas, Kaua, Elizabeth, Moses, John, Ella, Sabina, Juliano, Annie and Victor Mokulehua). For information, contact Kimo Kelii at 225-3356 (kimokelii@aol.com); Roberta Searle, 696-8861; or Puanani Kelii, 696-0321.
Wagner/Kahaulelio — The descendants of Charles Frederick Wagner (from Germany) and Marion Manamana Kahaulelio (Lahaina) are planning a family reunion on July 16, 2005 at Forax Beach Park in Nänäkuli, formerly known as Zablan Park. The children of Charles and Marion were Charles F. Wagner, Martha Inez Wagner Gray, Maria Wagner Mizumoto, John Wagner, Fred Wagner, Willie Wagner, Henri Wagner and a half-brother, Gerald Woods. The following were siblings of Marion Manamana Kahaulelio Wagner: Julia Manamana Naki, Amy Manamana Nahooikaika, George Kahaulelio Manamana, Bertie (Albert) Manamana, Gerald Manamana, Myra Manamana Neumann, and Rose Manamana Neumann. Monthly meetings are being held to update the family genealogy and implement our first family reunion. For information, contact Betty Lou Cullen at 668-8244; Marion Joy, 488-7711; Keala Kaimimoku, 848-0445; Sandy Kupahu, 292-2060; or Doris Naumu, 455-2142.
Alapa — We will be having a family reunion for the descendants of Oliwa Alapa Sr. (born circa 1853, Kekaha, Kaua‘i) and his wife, Emily Pahuaniani Makakao (born circa 1854, Kaupö, Maui), and their children: Harvey Oliwa (8/2/1872), Moses (circa1874), Alapa (circa1876), George (circa 1879), Kaawa (circa1881), Nahiniu (circa1883), Ana (1/22/1886), Oliwa Jr. (circa1888), George Oliwa (1/15/1890) and Wahahulu (circa1892). Our reunion will be held on Kaua‘i at Camp Naue in Hä‘ena, July 21-25, 2005. Please bring family photos, musical instruments and lost of sun screen. For information, contact Nell Ava (email: nava@hawaii.rr.com or call 293-5778 , evenings on O‘ahu) or Nettie Alapa Hunter (email: alapa58@aol.com).
Swift/Hapakuka — The descendants of John Pakanaka Hapakuka and his two wives, Lahela Pili and Kali Kuhaulua; Joe Swift and his three wives, Hiona Makia, Naimu, Kaumualii, have already planned a reunion for July 22-24, 2005 to be held on Maui. The families of Fredrick Ned Swift are also invited reunion. We especially want updates on your genealogy as another book is in the making. All family members are asked to submit their updates to Kathy Shimada. For more information, contact Kathy Shimada at 877-0839 or email at shimadah002@hawaii.rr.com; Leinaala Hapakuka Moore at 760-2227 on Maui and O‘ahu; and Barbara Swift at 395-4185 or email at bswift@hawaii.rr.com
Kea/Makahi — The descendants of John K. Kea, also known as John K. Makahi, and Nancy P. Cullen are holding their seventh family reunion at Nänäkuli Beach Park on July 23, 2005. There will also be a planning meeting on June 4, 2005 at 5 p.m. at Aunty Kakie’s home at 89-345 Lepeka Avenue in Nänäkuli. Dad and Mom had 11 sons and two daughters. The sons are John Jr., Jerry (Sam), Luke, Walter, Alex, Logan, Charles, Charles K., Harry, Leslie, and Raymond. Daughters are Emily Pall and Katherine Kea. For information, call Leilani at 294-2707 or write to Leilani Makahi at 89-1025 Haleakala Ave., Waianae, HI 96792.
Nihipali — We are in the planning stages for the Nihipali family reunion, scheduled for July 23, 2005 at Hau‘ula Beach Park, 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m. For information, call Emily at 293-1587; Aunty Pea, 293-5016; or Adeline , 232-2089. Please update your genealogy as soon as possible: we are in the process of making a new book.
Coito/Freitas/Nobrega — First cousins reunion will be held on Aug. 6 at Zablan Beach Park, Nänäkuli from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Look for banner. Contact Jeanne Kahanaoi at 696-5002 for more information.
Ka‘ü High School — Ka‘ü High School’s class of 1973 will be holding a reunion Aug. 6-7, 2005 in Ka‘ü. For more information, contact Darlyne (Beck) Vierra at home (929-7391) or work (928-8335); or Pricilla (Lays) Deperalta at 961-3273.
Owali-Kukona — The Owali-Kukona family reunion is for the families of Kala, Kaaihue, Kaaea, Kalawaiapi and Paoa. The reunion will be held on Aug. 10-12, 2005 on Maui.
We are also asking anyone who has information regarding Leonard Kahunanui, his wife Annie Honolulu Maihui, son Duke or (Leonard Jr.) Kahunanui and any Paoa family members. The family originated from Kaupo, Maui. For information, call Mary Kaui Kala-Brook at 801-356-0606 or email at marykb28@comcast.net. If you’re on Maui please call Betty Lou Kala at 808-871-1050; Yolanda Diego at 808-248-8281; and Diana Wallace at 808-244-9101. If on O‘ahu, call Ui Cullen at 808-696-7937, and if in Las Vegas, call Ipo Naihe at 702-259-6814 or email at iponaihe@hotmail.com.
Kalawai‘a — A reunion is planned for the ‘ohana of Kalawai‘a of Maliko, Maui (a.k.a. Simeon Sr, born January 1851) and wife, Nakiaha Nauuoe (a.k.a. Teresa, born Oct. 1860 in Kaupo, mar.<1878 in Kula, Maui). This gathering is planned for Aug. 12-14, 2005 at Hale Nanea, Maui. We are hoping to meet and gather with descendants of their children: Kalawai‘a; Puana (b. <1881, mar. Hanah Kahaleapu); Kahuela (b. 1883); Puhau (b. <1884); Kelekia (b.1889); Teresa (b. 1890); Thomas (b. <1892), Kalawaialiilii (b.1894); Simeon Jr. (b. 1895); Ellen Pokini Kalawaia (b. 1896); Pekelo (b. 1897); and Joe Kalawaia (b. 1899). Updates are requested for the ‘ohana of Lona ‘Zakalia’ Kalawaia (b. 1886); Sam Kalawaia Sr. (b.1895) and Annie Nakieha Kalawaia Solomon (b. 1888). This is the first attempt to meet with ‘ohana of all 15 children listed. For information, contact Francis Maddela, (808) 870-8236 e-mail: lmaddela@msn.com or John Kainoa, (808) 276-2646; or Mel Kalawaia, (808) 877-5388 Keaukalawaia@aol.com; or on Oahu, Pauline Kalawaia, (808) 262-5757 (email: kalawaiask@aol.com).
Akua — The families of Ah Chong Goo, Alex Akau, Oscar Kelelekai Solomon Kuahine, Edmond Kalahiki, Mark Kalahiki, Whittney Iseke and Akimseu are having a reunion on August 19-21, 2005 at Bellows Air Field. The next meeting will be held on August 13th, 2005 at 167 Hoomalu St.; Pearl city, Hawaii 96782. The phone is 455-8102 or 382-9525. For more information on the reunion, you can contact: Solomon Kuahine at 455-8102 or 382-9525; or Arthur Machado, 239-9003.

Koholua/ Kaholua
— The Jeremiah family reunion will be held at Hau‘ula Beach on August 27, 2005.For more information, contact Mae Jeremiah-Wong (daughter of Howard “Bubu” Jeremiah) at 358-4466 or 585-8101.
Naki — Descendants of James Hikiona and Julia Kanui Kahaulio Naki are welcome to attend the Naki ‘ohana reunion, to be held on Sept. 1-4, 2005, Labor Day weekend. The location of the event will be One Ali‘i Park, east of Kaunakakai, Moloka‘i. For information, contact Moana Naki Keohuloa 808-567-6220 or Walter Naki 808-558-8184 on Moloka‘i. On O‘ahu, Jesse Galas 808-423-9519; Thomas Naki 808-487-2898. Please call after 6 p.m. Registration form for reunion will be sent upon request.
Bush — 2005 reunion is being planned for the family of Albert Maunahina Bush, Samuel Keli‘inohopona Bush, Elizabeth Kapeka Bush, Roseline Bush, Lily Bush, Julia Bush, Maria Bush and Daniel Bush Jr. Scheduled for Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-4, 2005. Hosting island will be O‘ahu. For information, email Beverly Martinez at bmartinez@boh.com or call 681-6637; Misty Bush William at mwill23714@aol.com or write to Randy Bush Vincent at 615 Na‘ale St. Honolulu, Hi 96813.

Kaahanui/Nakoa/Kalawaianui —A family reunion for the descendants of Kaahanui, Nakoa and Kalawaianui is being planned for Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2-5, 2005, at Camp Maluhia, (Boys Scout camp) Maui. It’s time to connect our küpuna and ‘öpio as we strengthen our family history and genealogy. Our Maui host has organized an exciting event with a rodeo, activities, genealogy workshops, food and great music. You won’t want to miss any of it. Cabins with bunk beds are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and a camping area will be available. Make your reservations . For information, contact Kalani Kaahanui at 619-271-9726; Vernon Kaahanui, 808-239-4047; Ui Colon, 808-567-6394; Phyllis Colon, 808-385-2189; Lloyd and Mimi Gilliom, 808-244-8060; Donna Curimao, 808-669-6084; Wendy Lindo, 808-249-9729; or Aunty Winnie Cockett, 808-244-0873.
Panaewa — The Panaewa ‘ohana reunion will be held in August 2006. We invite the families and descendents of George Kahoiwai Panaewa, Solomon Kahaluakea Panaewa and Richard Keliinui Panaewa to participate. For information, contact Alohalani Pang on O‘ahu at 696-8139 or Kahili Kawainui Norman at 808-885-6792 on Hawai‘i Island.
Aweau — We are planning a gathering to organize a reunion on O‘ahu. We need kökua to update our genealogy and form an ‘ohana committee. Contact Kolomona at 683-1146. Aweau descendants are Ioane: David, Lilia, Kahopuwaiki: Nalaieluaakamanu, John Keahiapele, James Hoolulu, Joseph Kahopuwaiki, Kauhaanu, Nakuilauhulu: Haaonui, Pohue, Wahinine, Mary Irene Ailimukala, Kaui, William, Mahoe; Kalaupaina, Hinaikamalamalama: Hihikaina, Akamakiu, Margaret Kamaha Aweau Padeken: John, Rose, Frederick, Charles, Annie. These descendants trace back to about 1850 –1870. Genealogy research was done by Henry Nalaielua and Larry Aweau. For more information, visit http://www.Aweaufamily.com.
Kumahakaua (Kilauano) — We are gathering information to organize a reunion on Kaua‘i. We need kökua to update our genealogy and to form a ‘ohana committee. We are looking for the descendants of Kumahakaua (Kilauano)/Baba(Papa) and Kainoapuka/Kaoao. The Kumahakaua ‘ohana consisted of six children, who were all originally from Hamakua, Hawai‘i Island and later relocated to Kaua‘i. The children were: Louis, Kamaile, Kilauano Liilii, Kamala, Alika and Kamaluhia. The Kainoapuka ‘ohana, originally from Kalalau and Mana, consisted of five children. They were: Kalaulahaole, Kawahinenohopali, Kailiau, Pakana and Kawehiwa. These descendants trace back to the 1700s-1800s. Genealogy research was done by Carolyn Kilauano. For information, contact Kunane Aipoalani at 337-1219, Rhoda Kilauano Golden at 337-1104 or email at Grhoda@aol.com with any information you may have, or if interested in helping with organizing the reunion.
Kahanamoku family search — Kimo (James) Kianoha Kahanamoku (Cook) was born between 1902 and 1905, and died in 1932. His wife was Annis Eloise Cook. She is my great-grandmother and is still alive. James was born in Honolulu and died in Eugene, Ore., of tuberculosis. His mother’s name on his death certificate is Elizabeth and his father’s is Manuel. My great-grandma said they worked in the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikïkï. Kimo left Honolulu on a ship and came to the Port of Seattle and worked his way down the coast to the Coos Bay area where he met my great-grandma. He must have come over in the early 1920s from the Honolulu. Kimo had five children before he died: Betty Lou Cook (died shortly after birth), James Lloyd Cook (died in 2004), Helen Delores Cook (my grandmother), Harold Joseph Cook and Manuel Kianoha Cook. If you have any information, contact Mikayle by phone at 541-344-4377 or 541-912-1021, or by mail at 2230 Tyler Street, Eugene, OR 97405-2159.


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