Emily Aulani Wilson Enos

Emily Aulani Wilson Enos

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I was born of goodly parents. I was born in [Kailihiwa] Makawao,
Maui on May 5, 1907. My father’s name is Joseph [Bailey] Wilson.
My mother’s name is Lily Kekapa’i. She’s pure Hawaiian and my
father is part-Hawaiian. There are ten children in our family; I
am the oldest of ten. There are five brothers and five sisters.

brother [Edward Bailey Wilson]

father’s mother [Mary Kaulaloa Bailey]

married Arthur Kamaka Enos, Waikapu

his folks, wery faithful, loving people. [Huakini and Kaohulani Enos]

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2 Responses

  1. Hi-
    I’m a grand-daughter of Charles Bailey Kekapa’i Wilson, son of Joseph Bailey Wilson & Lily Kailihiwa Ha’o Kekapa’i.
    I am looking for any information or photos of family.
    I never met CBK nor have I ever seen a photo of him or this side of the family. Any information would be very greatly appreciated as it remains a mystery to me.
    Thank you so much,
    Julie Remington

    • Aloha Julie
      Been looking for family of Uncle Charlie. My mother wasCBK’s sister, Gladys. There is definitely a large ohana and geneology that you would enjoy connecting to. email me at egomes01@gmail.com
      lets talk


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