Kepoolele Apau

These are a few notes I took from an interview with Kepoolele Apau who was 124 (+, -) years when the interview was taken.

The book is a free download from Google Books entitled:

Report of the General Superintendent of the Census: 1896

The only thing I found interesting in that book was this piece on Kepoolele Apau, pages 123 to 127.

Here goes:

Her name is Kepoolele Apau living in Honolulu at the time of the interview.

She was an attendant of Kapiolani I and witnessed Kapiolani breaking the tabu at Kilauea. At that time her name changed from Kepoolele to Apau.

She recalled the conflict between Keoua and Kamehameha.

She was born in Keahialaka, Puna, Hawaii

Her fathter: Kapa afterward named Piena

Her mother: Kanealoha

Daughter-in-law Kamike

Spouse: Kawika (was able to marry her through lying to Kapiolani)


3. Mauki (w) – lived to womanhood, died 20 years ago (1876)
4. Kalanao

Lived in Kapuokolo below King Street. Had a friend and co-laborer, Paele, they washed clothes.

Paele was the first person to contract smallpox. She contracted it while handling a bundle of wash from one of the ships they serviced.

To read the whole story go to the link I provided above (the title in orange) and start from page 123


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