Project Kaeo – Honuaula, Makena, Kukahiko Ohana

Sponsor:  YoRicHOPE

I downloaded this book but haven’t had a chance to read all of it. There’s a lot of good history and genealogy about the people who lived in Ka’eo, Honuaul, and Makena Landing.

A family heavily referred to is the Kukahiko family with some really nice pictures too. Just click on the book below:


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  1. Hi,
    I had attendend the kukahiko family reunion in Makena Maui, 2008…and iwanted to kno if i could some how purchace a Project ke’ao book. i would love that. please send me a e-maoil back please..mahalo

    • Aloha, you can click on the link and save the book to your computer. It may take awhile to download because there are a lot of pages. From there you can print it out.


    • Aloha I have the project kaeo book on cd-rom. It was done as a grant project, so we only printed 100 copies which mostly went to libraries and schools. I really want to do all i can to have honua’ula kanma’aina families have access to the book. give me a call 214-0147. Mahalo Lucienne de naie Project ka’eo researcher

      • How can I obtain this book on CD ROM. I have downloaded and printed, but it would be nice to have the CD.
        Mahalo for your help.

      • HI Richard if you live in maui I can meet you and give you a copy ofthe CD, otherwise send me your address.
        a hui hou Lucienne

      • Lucienne, I am pursuit of the CD for The Kaeo Project. i am a decendant of Kukahiko.
        My address is 916 S 31st Ave, Yakima WA 98902. Please include invoice for the CD.

      • Lucienne, just following up on my request of 10/23/15. Is there anyway I can pay for the CD for The Kaeo Project and for its shipping to me at Ricky Chang 916 S 31st Ave, Yakima WA 98902? Also, my email address is:
        Ricky Chang

      • Here’s a link to download the book and you can put it on a CD yourself,

      • So sorry this slipped thru cracks. Will mail om Monday

        Lucienne. de Naie (808) 214-0147 sent from a mobil device

      • Mahalo….will work on this project and hopefully I’m successful.

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