Researching Genealogy

With this blog I hope to assist Kanaka who are researching their genealogy for whatever purposes.

I accept any kokua/donations. Just click on the flag. 

Please be sure to Bookmark this page so when I have new information you will be alerted to it. Click here —> RSS Entries or in the top left hand corner.

It is a time consuming process and can be very addictive. You’ll hit blocks and that’s when I usually take a break and come back to it later at which time something always comes up for me.

You have to be diligent and determined when researching your genealogy. It can be very frustrating at times but if you just know that you’re not alone somehow that might make you feel better.

The things I show here are things you can do without having to go the the State Archives. I had to come up with this method because I don’t have the money to fly back and forth to Oahu to do research at the State Archives so I do as much as I can here. If you can fly back and forth the better for your research. Otherwise, this is what I do and I order things from the archives.


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